Searching to adopt a female basenji

  • hey guys, i am trying to adopt a female basenji to add to my family. I currently have a 2.5 year old male basenji and i want to introduce him to a beautiful playmate so he can play with. I of course play with him but cant always be out doors 24/7. so i thought why not get him a friend. The reason im looking for a female as well is because i would like to have puppies as well. i think he would be a great father and would really like to give him that opportunity. and of course i think it is cruel to spay or neuter your dog. unless of course they are a stray. but when you have a family and home for them then they should be left like god made them. my dog is AKC registered and healthy and just plain beautiful. Ill try to upload some pictures of him soon. if you have any info that would really be appreciated. 🙂 🙂

  • When you say healthy, have you done all the the tests required to get a CHIC certification on your boy? Has both of his parents been tested with results available on the OFA website? Have you shown your boy in conformation or done any lure coursing with him?

    There are many things that should be considered before breeding a litter. What qualities do the parents offer the breed? Have they been tested for at minimum the 4 health tests required to get a CHIC certification, Fanconi, Thyroid, Hips and Eyes? Are you willing to be responsible for every puppy for the entirety of its life no questions asked if the home doesn't work out? What is your goal for the litter? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you prepared in case there is complications during pregnancy or birth? An emergency vet visit can easily run over $1000 and there is the risk of losing puppies and/or dam. Have you gotten involved in the basenji community? Are you aware of basenji rescue and why basenjis end up in rescue so your puppies are not at risk of needing rescue?

    These are just some of the questions that should be considered before breeding.

  • Before even thinking of breeding a litter, have you done health testing on your boy? Just because they are AKC registered, that doesn't mean that they should or need to be bred. Have you discussed this with your boy's breeder? Has he been DNA tested for Fanconi? Hips/Elbows been OFA'ed? What does he have to offer the breed? And in looking for a bitch to bred, there is so much to consider, especially temperament. What do you know about your boy's background, Sire/Dam, grandparents? and their health and temperament. When you look or get a bitch, you need to also do all the required health testing on her too.. and need to know as much as you can about her health background and temperament.

  • Hi jagm -

    Are you really sure you want puppies? Have you ever bred a litter before? It is truly more work than I would have ever thought, especially if you are doing all of the right things, as listed above by tanza & lvoss. Are you prepared to keep 6 or so puppies forever? I used to think to neuter & spay was cruel as well, but realistically, that's only a selfish notion.
    Good luck in finding your boy a companion! I found one for my girl & that's the best thing I could have done for her, other than having her spayed.

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