What rescue does for any basenji you adopt.

  • Rescue, the groups I belong to, do all the vetting of any basenji that comes into their care.
    We de-sex the dogs and temperment test them.
    Most all the dogs have been with established foster care folks, so we can match the dog to the new home. AT the very least, we have had them temperment tested.
    We support any behavior issues that occure when the dog is rehomed and we do always offer to take the dog back, at any time if the home doesn't work out.
    However, as we require home visits, do vet checks and screen home, that isn't the norm.
    Anyway, rescue is not just put your $$$ down and take a dog.
    It not a first up, first serve type of thing.
    We are more of a matching service at least that is the way I see it!
    We match the dog who needs a home with the family who wants a new companion.
    Anyone who needs/wants more info can post to me privately.
    I am also here to help folks with behavior issues for the dogs they have.
    I am not an expert, by any means, but I do know many folks who are.
    We mostly want to help basenjis and people live together, in the quirky way
    you do when you share your home with a basenji.
    Sharron Hurlbut

  • hi sharon.

    I feel like I know you. I have read your stuff on Brat. I am glad that you are getting the word out on Brat. Mabel, My B was adopted from there. I cannot say enough good things about people in that organization.

    Actually I'm in that organization. We are good people. Mabel's foster was very helpful with helping me understand her behavior. I think a lot of it was due to fact Mabel is an alpha female.

    Well just thought I would say hi


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