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Have you tried Medfly? They are in Southern California. They have quite a few Basenjis looking to be adopted. Here is a link And they have many more then what is listed on their website

Where/who did you get your EKO from? And hope that you will come to our BCONC lure trial/puppy match and meeting next Saturday in Livermore.

I got my basenji from J & M Kennels in Oklahoma. Breeders are Jerrie and Mitchel Timmons I believe.

Thanks for the link, Ill go ahead and email them and get more information. As for the BCONC event i wish i could attend, but I already have other plans for that weekend. I hope I can make the following one.

Thanks you again.

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hey guys, i am trying to adopt a female basenji to add to my family. I currently have a 2.5 year old male basenji and i want to introduce him to a beautiful playmate so he can play with. I of course play with him but cant always be out doors 24/7. so i thought why not get him a friend. The reason im looking for a female as well is because i would like to have puppies as well. i think he would be a great father and would really like to give him that opportunity. and of course i think it is cruel to spay or neuter your dog. unless of course they are a stray. but when you have a family and home for them then they should be left like god made them. my dog is AKC registered and healthy and just plain beautiful. Ill try to upload some pictures of him soon. if you have any info that would really be appreciated. 🙂 🙂

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Also if anyone can help me out, im trying to find a mate for my dog, but im having a lot of trouble finding basenjis in california. at least ones that are a bit grown. for those few kennels in california i must adopt a new born. do any of you know where i can find a female basenji to join my family?

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Hi guys.
my name is jesse and ive had a basenji for about 3 years now. he is my best friend. truly an amazing dog. his name is eKo and although he is very stubborn, he is always making me laugh. im just here trying to meet others with same dog breed as mine and hope to make some friendships.

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