• Beautiful girl. I went to see her but do not have a place for her for two months, otherwise I would take her home. I would confidently say she is part Basenji, she has the white paws, does not bark, and has a very Basenji personality. She is characteristically aloof and walks very well on a leash, seems housebroken. She does have mange. She was an owner surrender and came in with fleas and mange lesions. I am not sure she's part pit, because she is very lean and muscled somewhat like a greyhound. I hope someone can give her a wonderful home. Well, I wish that I could, but it's a very long shot she'll still be available come May.


  • she is really beautiful. poor little thing!

    and i cannot imagine a pit bull/basenji mix. what a very odd combination (yet two of my favorite breeds!)

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