Female basenji - shepherd mix wanted

  • We had a female basenji/shepherd mix that was the best dog we ever had. We unfortunately lost her last year to cancer. Mike, our 8 year old basenji/shepherd mix needs a new companion. He's a sweet boy, but larger than a pure basenji - about 80 pounds. We live in Oregon and are having a hard time finding a comparable dog. We have 3 grandaughters who live with us and my husband and I are pushing 60, so don't want to deal with a high energy dog. I know there's lots of parameters here, but if anyone can help us find the right dog, we would appreciate it.
    Mike needs a buddy!

  • You're looking for a mature Basenji mix? What is the energy level of Mike? There are Basenji mixes at some of the BRATs (Basenji Rescue and Transport). There are people on this forum from Oregon that can help.

  • I don't necessarily need a mature dog; a puppy or a young dog would be good. Mike used to be more energetic than he is now, but then so did I! We have about 2/3 acre fenced yard so there's plenty of room to run and play. Mike sometimes sleeps in the house and sometimes outside. Penny, the dog we lost to cancer, used to chase a flashlight and loved to play fetch. We miss her and would like to have a similar dog as a companion for Mike.

  • Kathyd, my favorite and most loved companion was a Shep/Basenji named Cinnamon. I lost her last year to liver disease. I miss her every day! I have since adopted two Basenjis and a friend said, "Cinnamon would be proud it took two dogs to replace her!" As much as I love the others, Cinnamon will always be my heart.

  • Petfinder has some wonderful mixes.
    Let us know what you find.

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