• Yay! Jazzy did great at the Richland Kennel Club show this weekend.
    I couldn't go, so Bryan and Laurie took her over.
    I didn't get to see her, but she came home tonight with seven ribbons for my "Wall of Jazz". LOL

    Saturday she was Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex.
    Sunday she was Winner's Bitch, and Best of Opposite Sex!

    {And I even survived the weekend without her. 😉

  • Congratulations to Jazzy🆒

  • Congrats! I love ribbons 🙂 How many points did she win?

  • She got 4 points for the weekend, so that puts her now at 13.

  • Way to go! She's almost there!

  • What do the points mean and what do they do for you? How many do you need? How many can you get? I don't know a thing about the shows, but would like to change that. Maybe on another thread?

  • For an AKC Conformation Championship title you need 15 points, including two majors (meaning three or more points awarded at the same time, the max given at one time is five). The number of points is based on the number of dogs of the same breed and sex in competition at that show. So, in our area it takes 9 bitches competing against each other to make a major (I think…) if you are Winners Bitch, you get three points towards your championship. In Jazzy's area, the numbers are much higher because there many more basenjis competing in conformation there.

    Hope that makes sense....it is kind of a hard thing to explain to someone, but in reality it is a pretty simple system.

  • @Quercus:

    Hope that makes sense….it is kind of a hard thing to explain to someone, but in reality it is a pretty simple system.

    🆒 Like Crazy_Duke said, it would be interesting to have a thread talking of how you get points at shows, lure coursing, racing…
    Especially for me, as it's not working that way in France, and usually when I'm on some basenji breeder web site I don't have a clue what all those points stand for 😕

  • I should say, Contratulations Jazzysmom! Jazzy must be a nice Basenji to have won all those points and ribbons. Since she won 4 points, she has a major?

    Even though I'm confused with what it all means to the dog's owner. Pride of ownership is understandable. And the points will add up over time for an AKC Conformation Championship. But once you get there, then what?

    What does AKC Conf. Championship do for you? Is there a monetary prize for the dog's owner? Is it basically a hobby to have a show dog and "bragging rights" so to speak? Do you want your dog to be a Champion for higher breeding fees? Ahhhh - more help to understand the "what fors". I'm just throwing out the possibilities - however stupid they may sound to you. From a my observation with watching the Eukenuba dog show on Animal Planet, those are some serious people. What drives this behavior and motivation? Something gets you hooked . . .

  • Jazzy's shows this weekend were not majors – she earned two points each at two shows. She's already gotten her two majors, so now she's just chasing those last couple of points. Hopefully it'll be a short race.<grin>

    For me, it'll just be a matter of fun and pride -- the "coolness" factor, LOL -- and knowing that our dog captures some degree of the epitome of what is Basenji.

    Bryan will have to respond as to if it makes a difference to have another champion from his kennel. Any monetary reward would also go to Bryan as exhibitor, rather than to me as owner. I have no idea if/when there are monetary awards; it's a non-issue for me. I just love to see my little girl do well. It's fun to go to the shows, although I'm not cut out for being a "Show Mom" -- I get too anxious, the pins-and-needles of it kills me. LOL Especially after she takes a blue ribbon then has to go back in against all the other winning bitches to try for Winner's Bitch. Major pins-and-needles for me, while all the other owners/breeder/exhibitors are all cool and collected. I know they must be looking at me thinking, "What is wrong with you." LOL
    It IS addictive though, and a fun way to spend a day. I often drag along friends or my sisters, and they all enjoy the shows too.

    There's a lot about it that I still just don't "get". Maybe I'd be catching on faster if I took her in the ring, but I couldn't take that pressure. I'm best at "spectating".</grin>

  • OK - I can understand how anxious & nervous it could be if you are the owner. You really want your baby to win! That must be why the commentators tell the TV viewers who owns the dogs in show, and the name of the person showing the dog. I wondered about why someone would pay someone else to do their work. (or I thought they would be paid) And, I can understand it being more fun then to be a specator of the show if your "baby" is in it. I kind of get crazy when I watch my son play hockey - it's fun, my baby's playing. But good for you to know what's best for Jazzy. I bet your nerves would run thru the leash and thru her body too.

    It would be nice to know the chain of events following the AKC Conformation Championship. After further thought, does that qualify the dog to go into a higher competition and so on? And what is the ultimate goal? My husband says its for breeding pure breds. Like I'm asking some dumb questions! But I know there's more to it . . . but what, Bryan?

  • As a breeder/owner/exhibitor, I will tell you that our motivation for showing is definitely NOT monetary! You spend a lot of money to show a dog, and I have only ever heard of 2 shows where there was ANY kind of monetary reward. The shows in Las Vegas used to give 100 silver dollars to the Best in Show winner, and the Eukanuba-AKC Invitational does give substantial cash prizes to the big winners.
    The original purpose of dog shows was to showcase breeding stock, just like horse and cattle shows. This is why only intact dogs can be shown at AKC shows (except for some Veterans). But we show because we and the dogs have a great time doing it! We almost always show our own dogs; we're not really interested in the national rankings or in heavy advertising to promote our dogs with the judges. We have pulled dogs from the ring because they weren't having fun - what's the point? Yes, the bragging rights are fun, but they're just ego candy. We had a great time a couple of years ago when we had a top 25 dog - we were very proud of him, and still are now that he's retired. He's the happiest dog, loves people and is terrific with puppies, yodels on and on to tell us all about his day when we get home from work and is the undisputed leader of our pack, but wouldn't dream of challenging us.


  • I kind of get crazy when I watch my son play hockey - it's fun, my baby's >>playing.

    Yes! LOL, it's a lot like that. Not quite the same, obviously, but a lot.

    I wondered about why someone would pay someone else to do their work. >>(or I thought they would be paid) And, I can understand it being more fun >>then to be a specator of the show if your "baby" is in it.

    Just for the record: I don't pay Bryan to show Jazzy, although I know there are professional handlers. He pays all entry fees, etc. I just deliver the dog, and chew my nails. I think that's another reason why I get so nervous: I want Jazz to do well so that I feel like his time/money have been well-invested.

    I think most of the people who breed/show are motivated by sheer love of the breed. That's the impression I have gotten by those I've seen at the shows.

  • Yep, there is no money in showing dogs. It is prestigous for breeders to produce champions, because it shows that they are breeding basenjis that are close to the written AKC standard. Having your dog obtain an AKC championship means nothing monitarily; only personal pride 🙂

  • @Crazy_Duke:

    It would be nice to know the chain of events following the AKC Conformation Championship. After further thought, does that qualify the dog to go into a higher competition and so on? And what is the ultimate goal?

    It does qualify them to go on for higher competition, but I don't find I enjoy that part as much as earning the championship. Some people do, tho, and we say they are campaigning or "specialing" their dogs. Sometimes you'll hear us call our champions our "specials." But they're all special, aren't they?

    I'll tell ya, I started showing my first Basenji to keep from working too much overtime! "Sorry, can't work this weekend, I've got a dog show!" I was very lucky to have a very nice dog to start with, and a supportive community that trained me, because we started a little winning before I got nervous about it.

  • Thanks for helping me understand. I gather that in order to fully understand the excitement, one would begin with an AKC registered pure bred. After that, further interest and love for the breed may spark one to branch into the shows. The more you know, the more you do. As such the inspiration to pay to compete because it's just fun. As is something one does when they have a hobby. I imagine you meet lots of people in common and make friends and learn more, which is also alot of fun.

    I doubt you'd ever see me compete, but maybe I'll go to a show. There was a show here in Detroit last March - a week after I got Duke. I went to a pet store with Duke and a couple people asked me what breed Duke was (I didn't know) so they said to go to the show - maybe find out. They were showing their ??? can't remember what. But they were from out-of-town! I was bewildered why someone would go to such extremes for a dog. I've always had pet dogs - never a pure bred. You never know, my son's getting older and these things take time - and money which is something I don't have much of because it all goes to him. Maybe this forum fills up a void - my own interest. Duke is a great dog.

  • Jazz is my first pure-bred dog – we've always gotten rag-tag mutts from who-knows-where -- and I sure never expected her to be a show dog! And I certainly never thought I'd get so caught up in the excitement.

    With this breed I thought it'd be best to get a puppy and raise it with my kids.
    I didn't think that would fly with Darren because we've never paid for a dog! LOL I couldn't imagine him taking that leap from "free" to cold hard cash.
    But, he did, and he hasn't regretted it for a minute.

    ANYway, long story short. Bryan requires that his puppies be in one show at six months. Okay, we went along with that, thinking it'd be a one shot deal, fulfill the contract, and carry on. Well, the pins-and-needles kicked in as soon as she entered the ring. Then The little stinker won that show! I was so surprised, and surprised at how excited I was.
    Bryan asked if I'd like to keep her going . . . . and here she is today, two points shy of her championship.

    It IS fun; a lot more fun than I thought it would be before it was my own girl out there in the ring. I never thought I'd get caught up in something like a dog show -- used to always refer to "those sheeshy-foo-foo" dog show dogs, and I sure never wanted one.LOL --. And now I can't understand how the "real" show people remain so calm!

  • <_>

    Hey Jill,

    That Detroit show is really, REALLY fun! It is a benched show, so that means that the dogs and their people stick around all day, so you can chat with them, and meet the breeds. They also have all kind so doggie events under the same roof, agility, rally-o, field dog demonstrations, working dog demonstrations. And a TON of vendors selling every item for and about dogs of every breed you can imagine. There are usually about 20 basenji people (at least) to be able to chat with either day (Sat or Sun) of that show. You should really go next year. We try to go at least one day each year…two days is kind of a lot with a pre-schooler._

  • Hey Andrea - Thanks! I will try and plan to go to the next show. I think the two people at the pet store said the word "benched" too. So not knowing what that meant, it didn't sound very exciting to me, like going to an antique car show - alot of walking and gazing at (cars) dogs. You would have to be an enthusiast. Plus I didn't think it would be fun to talk with anyone about their dogs. How's that for being unmotivated! I'm getting in the know, which is what I wanted here. Thanks everyone for your input. You may think I'm slow, but I'm not stupid . . . I get it . . . I think . . . <ggg>I hope my inquiry helps someone else if they've ever wondered the same thing.

    Jazzysmom - your previous experience with dogs is much like my own. Mixes who have squeezed out an abundance of love from us. I am happy for you and Jazzy with her success. Looks like she's got another show to do. I bet you'll be at that one for sure!</ggg>

  • No, I can't be at her show this weekend, ACK!!
    I have to pick up my husband at the airport, at the same time as the show, and there's a good two hour drive between them.

    So, now, do I hope she finishes? Or do I hope that she "waits" 'til I can be there to see it? Tough call emotionally, but I really, really want her to do it!

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