• If anyone from Nevada is interested we would love to meet up so Congo could hang out with some other B's. I have never seen any Basenji's in Reno, NV and I know there have to be some nearby.

  • Hi Congo, Robby, & Michelle,

    Are you still in Reno? We recently moved here from Mammoth Lakes, CA.

    We have met a couple of B's at the dog park (Rancho San Rafael) and I guess two senior B's got adopted from the shelter on Longley last week.

    Loki, Freya, Pete, & Cecilia

  • We are still in Reno but there is an even better dog park. I don't know which side of town you are located but it is definitly worth it. It is located in Hidden Valley-its called the Link Piazzo Dog park and it is fenced all the way around and they have a small dogs side and a large dogs side. I usually take Congo there and there is another B there that is a red and white B named Misty. I have had some problems up in Rancho San Rafael, especially since it is not fenced in and McCarran BLVD is right there.

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