BRAT World Convention & Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club Get Together

  • Hello Friends– Gosh, it's been a while since I've logged on. Sorry- Sometimes life just tries to get busy on me.

    Anyways, I wanted to see if anyone is planning to go to the BRAT World Convention in June. It's in Lexington, Virginia this year. Has anyone gone in the past? What was it like? I want to do things with my dogs. I am not interested in driving somewhere, putting my dog in a crate and going to a seminar. Does anyone have any experiences to share about the get-together?

    Also, the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club Fun Match is June 1st in Maryland. I'm really excited about this one as I know there are little relays and things to do with your dog. FUN!

  • Could you give me more info about the Mid Atlantic event on 1 June? Where specifically, times, etc. I am interested in learning more about this breed and potentially becoming an owner. Unfortunately I will be in New Mexico for most of June so can not attend the BRAT event.

  • Sure!! Here's more info on the event:

    37th Annual Spring Fun Match on Sunday, June 1st
    Carroll County Agricultural Center
    Westminster, MD
    (An indoor event - 9am Registration)

    Events to include:
    CGC- Canine Good Citizen Evaluations
    Rally Obedience Demonstrations
    Micro Chip & Tattoo Clinics
    Blood Drawing for Fanconi Testing
    Conformation and Fun Classes
    The "Senji" Store & Raffle
    Pot Luck Lunch

    For Information, Volunteer, or Donations:
    (well, send me a PM and I will give you the event coordinator's name and info)

  • I'm so excited! I just moved to caroll county this week! and I've been wanting to meet people and other hennis for so long!!! I will most certainly be at the MD event! IM sure kiro will be elated! Like i have said before, she hasn't meet any other hennis since she was separated from her family a 1+ ago 😞 i cant wait!!!!!!

    What are these events? will we be able to participate? cost? how hard? preparation?

    My and my girl are both very active and love to play…... it will be so nice to have other to play with!!!!!


  • That's great news!! I love meeting up with other Basenji's. They're just so neat. I missed last year's event– Too bad BasenjiBoy isn't on the forum anymore-- he would be able to tell you more about how it goes. I emailed the contact to see about exact costs- but I haven't heard back yet...

  • I just sent off our registration!! 🙂

    Best Tailwagger
    Best Ears
    Parade of Rescues
    CGC Trial

    Rawhide Relay
    T-Shirt Race
    Best Costume
    Parade of Loved Ones

    SWEET!! I can't wait!! Our first Basenji fun match!!

  • What do I have to do to go? I recently moved back to MD from FL & would LOVE to attend!

  • Can you send me a PM? I think it is against the rules for me to post the event coordinator's contact information.

    37th Annual Spring Fun Match on Sunday, June 1st
    Carroll County Agricultural Center (google this for directions)
    Westminster, MD
    (An indoor event - 9am Registration)

    If you want to do the CGC Trial, you have to pre-register by May 24th. It's $10 per dog. The other events you can register for the day of the event (or you can pre-register).

    Lunch- snacks and drinks will be available. Please donate a food item to help provide a variety of foods for the lunch menu.

  • Hi BDawg,

    Thank you for respecting out forum rules and not posting personal contact information. In this case you can post the coordinators contact info here in this thread or a link to their website so other members can get more info about the event.

    Private messaging is disabled on Basenji Forums due to abuse. If you need help coordinating an event on Basenji Forums please check with us first and email

  • Okay, thanks! 🙂

    For information, volunteer or donations:

    Julie Dugan, Event Coordinator

  • how do I register?

  • Hi Andrea,

    Please look at the previous post with the event contact info. You can email the event coordinator if you would like to register.

    Please respect our forum guidelines and do not post personal contact information.
    Forum guidelines:

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