• Hey everyone!

    I wanted to see who here is interested in a Southern California get together. Let's try and do a Saturday or Sunday get together at a local dog park.

    Reply if you're interested!

    Eric & Roxy


  • Hi Eric (& Roxy) - sign me up! I'd love to attend a B get-together, and I'm really close to you. I live very near downtown Culver City. ~ Lori ~

  • I want to go (If I'm workin I'll have my boyfriend take the little guy)! I'm in Studio City I will also let the people we know from the North Hollywood dog park about it they have two B's. Meeting at a dog park would be great maybe one day we can even do the dog beach.

  • yea that's great. i know there are more owners in our area. it's just a matter of finding them. i know there's a Basenji named Iowa that goes to Barrington Dog Park in Brentwood and Runyan and Laurel Canyon as well.

    what do you guys think about trying to do this at the new Playa Vista dog park? it's quite large.

  • I know that basenji Iowa, she used to go with the dog walkers every week day to the Laurel Canyon park they had two basenji's Wiley and Iowa. Until one of the dog walkers got in a bad motorcycle accident:( about a month ago.
    There's a handful of B's that go to that park, its tough to see them because most of the owners only go once a week at random.

  • I visited the Playa Vista dog park - actually found it really small compared to others, and the barkdust made the dogs sneeze! Barrington is my favorite: really large, lots of grass. The dog park at El Segundo is also great: grass, benches, trees, plenty of play space. I've consistently seen a young Basenji named Tyler at both Barrington and Laurel Canyon; he's the only one that has ever gotten my Ziggy to run! ~ Lori ~

  • I'm in So Cal (Pasadena area). I might be able to go. I'm suppose to go to a book club meeting but will opt out if there's a basenji play date.

    Please let me know what time and place and directions.

  • Hi ZenGrrrl and Basenjibratz I heard you guys met my Garrett today! Is he a cutie pie or what, lol I think so. My boyfriend Brian told me he met you guys at the Laurel Cyn dog park and that all the basenjis were so adorable. He said Ziggy is one of the most handsome tri's he has ever met and that he like's Savanna's unique face and that she's real cute when she comes up for a pet. I'm so mad at myself for sleeping in (I usually go with him)! Sounds like we might be seeing Bella basenji's owner's on here soon too. C-yeah !

  • Hi Guys!!!
    It's Bella's Mommy! Quickly got myself on the "forum" Sorry to have missed you Garrett's Mommy.Thanks for the info and I am going to keep myself in the loop for more goings on.

  • Hi Raquel and Laura and David! So great to meet up with you and your Bs this morning. (We should make this a regular Saturday AM thing.) Write me and I'll send you some pics of the "Laurel Canyon B Gang." ~ Lori of The Z-Pack: Ziggy, Zoe, and Zen ~

  • Hi!
    Savannah and I had a wonderful time meeting all of you. I'm posting some pixs. I have a few more to add.



  • I think Savannah started to relax a little bit. Her tail stayed up so that was good. Anyways, I really had a nice time and would love to go next Saturday. I'll try to be there. Thanks for the meet up!

    We really enjoyed meeting Ziggy and taking pictures of Talker's Dad.



  • It looks like a good time was had by all!!

  • I will try to go next saturday too. I'll do my best to let a couple other B's I know from myspace and the other park about it they are locals.

  • WOW! It looks like you all had some great fun meeting with Cali Bs 😃 I think this is a great forum that has lead to some awesome basenji encounters! 😃

  • Oops, message above should be "Raquel and Laura and Brian"! So who's up for meeting at Laurel Canyon park again this Saturday morning? ~ Lori ~

  • I'm going to try to make it a little earlier than 11:00 this time. I'll look for you Lori.

  • I won't be able to make Laurel Canyon on Saturday after all. I need to transport my hubby back n' forth while he gets his truck serviced. I hope to make it next Saturday. Have fun!

  • Sorry we'll miss you – but hope to meet up another time! (And please remind me of the geneology: Talker is the child of Ziggy, and Savannah is the child of Talker? Is that correct?) ~ Lori ~

  • im most likely up for meeting Saturday 11am would probably be best for me.

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