FL-Maitland/Orlando-Wants Get Togethers-On Craigslist

  • Here is what the ad states:

    Looking for Basenji owners for dog get togethers, meet ups at dog parks and possible trade with dog sitting. There is a picture of a tri PB Basenji.

    Here is the ad for the owner's contact info:


    Please be careful when contacting and meeting anyone on Craigslist!


  • First Basenji's

    It is curious to note that the pictures (cute!) show a left ear tip that is ?missing/cut/flat???? My tri has that tip off on his right ear….I don't think I'd contact them, too far anyway....Jennifer, do you live near Orlando?

  • No I do not as I am in OH. I just monitor Craigslist when I have time and post the ads. I did not notice the ear tip missing. In cold weather climates, if a dog is outside in the cold, the ears can get messed up. We took in a rescue years ago that had this problem as it was somewhat neglected and left outside too long in the cold in OH. It seems like we used to have much colder winters back then.


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