• Hey Everyone,

    Does anyone know of a Basenji play group in Houston, TX? We take Queen Zola to dog parks, but we have only run into one other basenji. We would really like to find a group of other B's for her to play with.


  • I am hoping to move back to Houston later this year. Which dog park do you go to? How old is Queen Zola? I have older Bs though except for one who is 5. He has never been to a dog park.


  • Hi there. Zola is currently 2 years old. We go to the Danny Jackson Bark Park which is at the corner of Westpark and 610. It's the largest gated park we have found so far that is not too far from our home. They have two separate sections: one for the big dogs, and one for the lap dogs. Zola likes to go to both…. but she really likes to keep up with the big dogs.

    I also spoke to our BRAT sponsor regarding getting with other B owners here to form a group. Hopefully by the time you get back here, we will have a nice Basenji playgroup formed. 🙂

  • I have a 13 week old basenji but we live right outside of Houston. I haven't seen any others yet. Let me know if you find a group close by. Maybe my b could come one day.

  • I thought I answered this right after you posted it, but my post didn't show up…

    We would love to have a playdate! We have 2 13-week-old basenjis - Willow and Kai. We live in the middle of Houston. The vet says we have to give it a couple more weeks before dog park, but we would love to meet you there then.

    By the way, puppy - are you working with Jim Burwell as a trainer? He said he was working with a basenji puppy in Pearland and I was wondering if that might be you.

    Any other Houston Bs? I saw one walking in Memorial Park a couple weeks ago when we were driving - might that have been Zola?

  • Amelie- Sorry I've been so busy lately. No, I wasn't working with him. I guess there's another b puppy somewhere near by. Have you met any other basenjis nearby since this post started?

  • YIPPY!!!!! So glad to see there are some other Houston Bs out there. We have not taken Zola to memorial park in a while, so it probably was not us. However, I did meet another B, Emma, at the dog park a couple of weeks ago, and her owner and I talked about starting up a Houston Basenji group. I know he posted that we would be meeting at the dog park in a separate post, but the week we were to meet he had a death in the family. We will do it again VERY soon, and I will post the information here so y'all will be aware. Can't wait to get all our Bs together. 🙂

  • This morning I took my puppy to petco for her shots and as I was walking out the manager asked if she was a basenji. She said there was a group of them that meet up in the park in Pearland. I didn't have time to ask her about it because my poor puppy was screaming her head off and I had my kids with me.

  • Hmmmmmmmm…. I wonder if I can do some Googleing to find that group. If not, I will be sure to post on here when we decide to meet up again in Houston. 🙂

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