How about a Southeast Georgia B get together?

  • I would love to meet some other B's and their owners in Southeast Georgia. I live in the Statesboro/Savannah area. If anyone is interested let me know and we can try and set up a Saturday or Sunday meeting somewhere in the area.

  • Unless there is a "lurker" from our area on the board, I suspect Scarlett and Cory are the only Savannah/Statesboro Bs on this forum. We will have to try and arrange a get-together. Meanwhile….any if there are any other Southeast Georgia B owner/lurkers - Please come out and let us know you are there.


  • We're not in Georgia… but we're in TN... maybe one day we can have a regional get together???

  • There are quite a number of Basenjis in the greater Atlanta area but that is a bit of a drive for all three of you folks.

  • I am originally from Atlanta and my parents currently live there. I will be home sometime in December, between the second week and leaving right after Christmas. I would love to try and maybe get together with a few Bs while I am home.

  • We live in Dunwoody & frequent the Brook Run dog park right around the corner from our house. We also just tried out the Pinkneyville Dog Park today & it has a great open area for running & chasing. We would love to meet other Basenjis anytime, but if there are a couple more around just for the holidays maybe we could all get together a day or two after Christmas.
    Either park is fun… Brook Run is a wooded, fenced in area, and Pinkneyville has both wooded & flat open spaces, also completely fenced in.
    Even if nobody can make it to a larger gathering for the holidays, I currently take Booger to Brook Run between 10 am and noon most days. (In fact, I will be there tomorrow, Monday, morning around 10 I am sure to go jogging if anybody else can make it we would love to meet them!)

  • Sounds like fun. I will be coning home the 23 and will be there til the 28. We can try and schedule something that week if we can all fit it into schedules. I know Scarlett would love to play with some new friends. Just a reminder, she is a B-mix and so she is a bit bigger that most B's and i know she likes to play a little bit rough.

  • Scarlett sounds perfect for Booger. He only likes to play with bigger dogs, and the last B he met, he wasn't even interested in.

  • Unfortunately, there is no way we can make it up to Atlanta for the get-together. But, I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes and even seeing pictures.


  • We will definitely have to make a date for Booger and Scarlett to play over the break. I am going to be in Hapeville for the majority of the break and i know that there is a great place near the zoo for them to play too.

  • I'm excited as well! I won't be in town until after the 23rd, but I will bring a camera & post plenty of pictures.

  • Hey i am in Atlanta and wondering if we want to try and get together with the dogs to play before we head back to Statesboro on Friday.

  • I really was looking forward to it, but fortunately/unfortunately I got promoted & I am in training. My hours are just "open until whenever" & since I work in a restaurant, whenever could mean anywhere between 2 and 10 pm. 😞 Maybe another time

  • We live out of Jacksonville (n.Fla) however I have a son and his family in the Savannah area and wouldn't mind visiting there to meet other B owners and their families.

  • @serenjane:

    We live out of Jacksonville (n.Fla) however I have a son and his family in the Savannah area and wouldn't mind visiting there to meet other B owners and their families.

    We live in Savannah and we'll have to see if we can figure out a way for a meeting. I have never checked out Savannah's dog park and I have read varing reviews about it. Seems like it is fairly small. I can't remember what happened to the discussion about putting one on Tybee Island. I know Ft. Pulaski is dog friendly. We have a reasonably large and fenced back yard but I'd like the dogs to meet on neutral territory. My two haven't been around other dogs other than the ones they were raised with.

    Which side of Jacksonville do you live on? Do they have one there? ( BTW -We used to live in Fruit Cove and my parents lived in Mandarin. My daughter and I sometimes still drive down to Jax to shop.)

    DH has a wierd work schedule and I babysit 2 toddler/preschool grandsons. One of these days soon when our schedules permit, we'll go and explore and see if we can find the dog park. Does your son know anything about it?


  • My son actually lives in Guyton, but is on the road in in W.Va., perhaps my daughter in-law could check into doggie parks around there. We have a nice doggie park within a couple of miles of our home (Orange Park), however I no longer have a membership. I would be willing to see if we could get a visitor membership. It is a great park with a large man made lake, plenty of trees along with swings and benches for the parents.

    We will be out of town 1st week of July and I will be in Atlanta on business July 12-16th. Perhaps an August date?

  • We just moved to Metter and I am in summer classes til the 24th of July, but my weekends are pretty much free. There is a dog park on Tybee Island that was built in the last few years. We definitely need to try and plan a get together at some point. Just let me know!:D

  • Pat, I think I responded earlier to Scarlettsmomma about a meet at Tybee Island. She says there is a dog park there, perhaps we all could meet there.
    I am pretty booked up for July, however August would be good for me. How does that look for you?


  • Scarlettsmom, I think Tybee Island dog park would be great. Could we do this one weekend in August? Perhaps the 9th or 10th? I do not know where it is located but I will find out.
    I believe BasenjiDiva's mom might join us as well. What about it?
    Or course any other Basenji Mom's or Dad's would be welcome.


  • I don't know about the weekend of Aug 9 or 10. I can say for sure that Aug 9 won't be good. We are going on a vacation and won't return until that weekend. However, we may return on Saturday…in which case, Sunday would be okay. I'll let you know as soon as possible about the date.

    We are going to have to research the issue of a dog park at Tybee. I remember reading something in the paper a few weeks ago about the dog park in Tybee. The impression that I got was that the dog park there had been closed and people either wanted it reopened or part of the beach opened to dogs. Admittedly, I didn't give it my indepth attention because I don't generally go out to Tybee that much and I will be the first to admit that I may be mistaken. I'll call around this week and see what I can find out. Scarlett'smomma....Have you been to the park recently?

    Wilma...I also have a son who lives in Guyton. I'll ask him if they have a dog park but Guyton is so small that I'd be really surprised if they do. He's probably going to look at me and say: We're rural. Why do we need a dog park? 😃 😃 😃

    I'll see what I can find out about Tybee.


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