Thinking about getting a Basenji. Would like to meet one before making final decision

  • Is there anyone in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area that owns a Basenji and would allow us to come meet the dog to observe it's temperament, playfulness etc? Or if anyone knows of a breeder in the area that would allow us to do that, thank you!

  • First Basenji's

    Hey Alleycat! sorry to see no one could help you…..since it is 3 months later, did you ever find one to meet? did you ever adopt one? interested!

  • I never found one to meet up with but did get a B/W male in the end and couldn't be happier. He's about 15 weeks now.

    we named him Orion

  • Fantastic to hear that you found a beautiful little guy. Only hope that he is teaching you how to cope with a B, they can be a handful specially if you have never experienced one before. Our first was a 2yo female rescue and after a long period of adjustment, almost 3 years, we adopted a beautiful male. And now we have 3, found that B's are like Lays potato chips, you cant just have one.

  • Nice boy, have fun as they grow so fast. My Kaiser is now 9 months and time has gone really fast .

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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