Thinking about getting a Basenji. Would like to meet one before making final decision

Is there anyone in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area that owns a Basenji and would allow us to come meet the dog to observe it's temperament, playfulness etc? Or if anyone knows of a breeder in the area that would allow us to do that, thank you!

First Basenji's

Hey Alleycat! sorry to see no one could help you…..since it is 3 months later, did you ever find one to meet? did you ever adopt one? interested!

I never found one to meet up with but did get a B/W male in the end and couldn't be happier. He's about 15 weeks now.

we named him Orion

Fantastic to hear that you found a beautiful little guy. Only hope that he is teaching you how to cope with a B, they can be a handful specially if you have never experienced one before. Our first was a 2yo female rescue and after a long period of adjustment, almost 3 years, we adopted a beautiful male. And now we have 3, found that B's are like Lays potato chips, you cant just have one.

Nice boy, have fun as they grow so fast. My Kaiser is now 9 months and time has gone really fast .

Jolanda and Kaiser

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