• Hi,

    I'm new to the site, and have been living in Massachusetts for about 9 months, but my Basenji Jack and I would love to meet some other Basenjis in the area. Any meetups in the Boston area or even down to CT?

    Robin and Captain Jack

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. We have another Captain Jack on the forum here too

  • I saw that there were a couple of posts by another Captain Jack or two…..and I thought I was being creative. I guess great minds really do think alike!

  • I'm from Lynn Ma not to far from chelsea I have 3 dogs a whippet, a cattle/terrier mix and a tri-basenji let me know if u would be instrested in meeting up sometime i wouldnt bring my whippet cuz she's alittle older and more grumpy when it comes to meeting "new" playmates … She's proberly thinking OMG momma PLEASE !!! Don't get another one i'm to old for this.. lol lol 🙂

  • Here's a pic of the 2 boys


  • Hey- thats great! We were looking in Lynn at houses not too long ago. I would love to meet up. Are there any good dog parks around? I know there is the one in Charlestown, but it isn't fenced, and I don't trust Jack off his leash without a fence.

  • I am going to have to look around here there are a few of them around here i know of but i don't want to bring them there "alot of not so smart owners there " they let there dogs do whatever But i will look around and see what i can find. I also can't have phoenix off leash without being in a fenced in area Aspen would listen. But Phoenix he would be like ….. Ohh there's a leave gotta go momma . lol I will look around and figure out if i can find one .

  • Ha! Jack is the same way. I took him with a friend and her two Boston terriers to the un-fenced one in Charlestown and let him run with his nylon leash on- he took off! I was chasing him down the street and he thought it was a game- "Catch me mom!" Never again!

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  • Hi, Rocco and I live in Holliston, MA. We are not too far from Boston. We would love to meet other basenji's in the area. I did run across this this web site: http://www.basenjicompanions.org/. It looks like they will be having a get together in April; we were thinking about going ourselves.

  • Did anyone do a meetup? I'm Just north of Boston and we're interested in meeting other Basenji's in the area. There is a dog park in Sharon and Medway which might work for people on the southern side of Boston. Let me know if anyone is ever interesed!:D

  • I was looking at that dog park in sharon- that looks great….I'm not too sure where Medway is. Jack does car rides really well, so we can drive wherever. I have seen a couple of Bs walking around near my work....along the somerville, medford line. Pretty cool, since Jack was the first purebred B I had ever seen before moving to MA.

  • The dog park in sharon is nice but dogs and people seemed to not socialize much with one another. Maybe it was just the day we went. Rye has to meet and play with all the dogs! Medway is good and is near Franklin, Ma. Rye goes to an excellent daycare 1-2 days a week in Franklin. If Jack is looking for a play date let me know? We also will use Nahant beach and Plum Island but its not fenced in if decide to go. Need a good recall if you let your B of lease. Rye is good, when the treat is yummy enough:D

  • Yeah, there isn't a treat yummy enough for Jack….."come here" starts his favorite game of all....you can chase, but you can't catch me! But, I've gone to non-fenced dog areas with my retractable leash with Jack. He can run around and play, but he knows he can't get too far.

    We will probably be in need of a play date once we move....there isn't much free time until then- May 24th or so.

  • Foschatt what's the name of the doggie day care you take Rye to? We are looking for a good one in the area and we're not far from Franklin. We go down there at least once a week for dog classes (at Master Peace). How often do you go to the Medway Park?

  • The name is Happy Tails. They have a website. They break dogs up into different play styles (Rye is in the hard play group:D ). But FYI they do crate at lunch time to give dogs a break for 1-2 hrs. We heard great reviews from people at Medway and comparing it to others we won't go anywhere else. We drive very far to go there.
    We don't go to Medway anymore because of the distance and 2 dogs wouldn't leave him alone. Always barking knocking him down and barking in his face! The owners did nothing to stop their dogs so we would felt we had to leave. He didn't seen to care too much but we were nervous of creating bad experinces since he places very well with other dogs. After driving all the way there, it always seem one of those 2 dogs were there:( . Although we did meet Gremlin a cute tri color basenji a few times just before we stopped going.

  • We are in Worcester but would love to get together if you are interested. Email me rnasto@gmail.com if interested (anyone in fact)

  • Hey all Massachusetts B owners. I just recently found this site and this thread. I would love to have Beegin have some playtime with other basenjis. One of my friends has a black lab, Lila, that he can sometimes play with but he wears her out!

    I am down in New Bedford but Franklin is only about an hour 15 from me. I was considering signing up to do some agility stuff at the Master Peace place there as well. Nothing set yet. Oh and no dog parks nearby, but I am told there is a nice fenced one in Newport.

  • Shannon,

    There are some dog parks they just aren't official though. None that are fenced in. There is one in Framingham in Calahan State Park. If you go to the Millwood St., Framingham entrance park, walk along the trail that goes straight back about 1/4 of a mile there it is.

    Usually there are a bunch of doggies there (about a dozen) and a huge field. Indi loves to go play there and we try to take him atleast once a week. Thats the only one I know of but I know there are other similar places you just have to ask around.

  • sorry the computer barfed

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