• Re: Pittsburgh??

    I'm new to the forum and looking for a possible basenji meet-up in the Pittsburgh area. I have a 4 year old neutered male (he's my fourth basenji) and he loves to run. Anybody nearby?


  • Hi - yes I’m also in the Pittsburgh area - near Ben Avon - you? I have a 5 year old male who loves to run and a 6 year old girl who - not so much.

    Where would you think could be a good place to meet?


  • Hi Kerry,

    I'm northeast of the city in Lower Burrell. I'm not familiar with your area, but are there any parks or enclosed spaces near you? I don't mind a drive.


  • There is a dog park in Bellevue. Is that too far? It’s not usually very crowded. That’s why I like it.
    Maybe we can wait until the weather is a bit better and not so wet! My cell. 4122511212. You can message me

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