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My girl does this all the time. She likes to be in front of a bush so she can jump up and down on it. Almost as if she is trying to flatten it so she can go. Very amusing unless it’s winter and snowing!!

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There is a dog park in Bellevue. Is that too far? It’s not usually very crowded. That’s why I like it.
Maybe we can wait until the weather is a bit better and not so wet! My cell. 4122511212. You can message me

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Hi - yes I’m also in the Pittsburgh area - near Ben Avon - you? I have a 5 year old male who loves to run and a 6 year old girl who - not so much.

Where would you think could be a good place to meet?


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To make you feel better I have a 5 year old boy that growls at everything. He has been like it since he was a puppy. At vets office they ask me to put the muzzle on because his growl doesn’t bother me. He is very friendly but as soon as you do something he doesn’t like he growls. I guess his way of letting you know his feelings. My other is a 7 year old girl and growls at nothing!!

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Hi Becca, just saw your post. We will be getting our basenji pup in march, from hicotn,
I would love to chat with you, do you have a vet that is familiar with basenjis? I live near camp Horne, so not far from Wexford. Would love to get together after we get the puppy.
Hope to hear from you. Kerry

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