Evergreen Basenji Club

Come one, Come all

The Evergreen Basenji Club, Inc.
AKC. Licensed / Basenji Club of America, Inc. Affiliate
38th Annual Specialty Show and
30th Annual Futurity – 22nd Annual Maturity
4th Obedience Trial – 2nd Rally Trial
These Events will be Unbenched and will be held Outdoors

Friday, August 4, 2006 - ASFA Speciality Lure Field Trial

137 Dogs for 185 Entries
145 Conformation • 26 Futurity/Maturity • 4 Jr. Showmanship • 1 Obedience • 9 Rally

Friday, August 4, 2006 – Futurity & Maturity + Obedience & Rally
Saturday, August 5, 2005 – Specialty
Argus Ranch Facilities for Dogs
35612 212th Way SE, Auburn, WA 98092-9014

BayRay Events

Can Basenjis that are not running be brought to the lure coursing events?
Or is that discouraged.

I would like to come and see what it's all about and to watch the dogs fly, and if possible would like to bring Jazz, just for a little more practice in the car.
I may not make it at all Friday, but just in case. . .

Coursing starts at 7:00am and runs to approximatly noon

This was so fun!

I wish Jazzy would have been more enthused. Well, she was a little at the beginning until that beautiful sun began to warm her . . . . and she turned into, as one passerby noted, "a dead dog". LOL
Still, watching her run in the yard this evening {after things began to cool off, LOL}, I KNOW she could run. Could you all put on some events in our backyard some lovely summer evening? LOL
I really enjoyed watching the dogs run. It was fun to see how each dog's personality could come through a bit even as they ran. I hope to make it to some more lure coursing events in the future.
Awesome dogs!

This is such a wonderful event weekend. B's fri-sun!
If your planning on attending, try to get tickets to the banquet on sat.
Lots of nice chatting, food, and some cool basenji auction items for the auction.

Hi Sharron,
I am interested in attending the event, but am not sure how Ginger will do with the other dogs. Do you have a time schedule of the various activities?

I wouldn't bring her, just because there is really no cool place to keep her while your talking, and if you have dinner, no place to put her while you eat.
Also, the show dogs aren't up for "visits" with other dogs…its pretty much
showing and crates with walkies for them...so, leave Ginger home and come shopping and visiting.
I am staying fri afternoon - sun and my dogs are staying home.
That is my advice.
Oh, you can also find lots of vendors who have ton's of stuff for b's.
Collars, chews, etc.

Hi Sharron! You'll be hearing from me a lot over the next few months, as I'm moving up to Seattle with my two furkids. Wanted to check specifically on coursing: does Evergreen B club host coursing events? If so, where do they take place? Thanks much! ~ Lori ~

This is a wonderful club and they will welcome anyone who has basenjis or wants to learn about this wonderful breed.
The lure coursing, the rally classes they have are the best.
I wish all of you could enjoy this great basenji club.

I would like to become a member, however I do not know Ginger's history. Can I still join?

Oh, yes…all you have to do is attend a few meetings and get 2 sponsers...well, one sponser, as I will sponser you!

Hi Sharron,
Thank you for your sponsorship. When is the next meeting?

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