Rt 66 Basenji club walk

Today 20 brave basenjis and their human servants braved the cold drizzle for a 2.3 mile walk in one of our local parks. Afterward we had some puppy play time and practiced our conformation skills. A good time was had by all and happy, tired puppies are sleeping now.

I love seeing so many b's together in one place. Good fun!

First Basenji's

It's impossible to get so many B's looking in the same direction at once, isn't it? 🙂

Yes especially when there is a steady drizzle on them

Thanks for the photos. The one with the tri shows NO feet on the ground!:)

The Route 66 Club always has such nice outings, great ot get so many basenjis together, especially in drizzling rain.

The no feet on the ground trot is Gambits standard, i have no idea how she does it, but nearly every ring shot my husband takes of her, she is floating.

love this photo!! looks like great fun

I think those Rt 66 people have the most fun! I'm jealous.

That looks like a very fun club. Looks like there is a cute puppy or two in the gang - I think the B's were very brave walking in the drizzle - we all know they do not like that very much.

Joe is quick with the shutter, I love the Floating Gambit! "Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee"!

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