• I have been thinking of maybe trying to get all the people that own basenjis here and form the 1st Dominican Basenji Club. I know there arent that many and I know I can get in touch with them. So I dont know. I guess i think it would be nice and also I would like to help inform better about the breed. I know that some people have basenjis and have no clue. I met one boy at the dog show in october , who approached me because he had a girl and wanted to cross her with Ayo. SO i strated asking him questions and he had no clue.. Had no idea what fanconi was, or tests, or anything he just had a female dog and thought the "thing to do" was breed her. NAturally I tried to explain to him everything, and I said I couldnt help, with my dog. I suggested he look into this forum and try to learn more.. but he never emailed me and who knows, he probably went ahead and bred her..
    Anyway. what do you think? Do you think that is a good idea? Any suggestions on how to go about it????

  • You can go to www.akc.org and seach about clubs, there are lots of details on starting a club… in the beginning all mostly the same....

  • I'm all for Basenji clubs especially where education is available - as you say so many people need more knowledge to raise their B's successfully.

  • I'm looking for a red and white female puppy that is only a couple of months old for $250 or less around the tennessee area.

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