2010 Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Lure Coursing Fundraiser.

Hi All,

BCOSW will be having a lure coursing fundraiser on May 15, 2010 at Lurecoursing Fanatics in Caledonia, WI. All breeds and mixed-breeds are welcome!

If you ever wanted to try coursing your dog but were afraid of it running away, this location is great as it is completely fenced. You can even let your puppies do a short puppy run or two (typically a straight-line down and back) to get used to the lure.

There will also be a small rummage sale, bake sale (I think I gained 10 lbs after the last one. 🙂 ) and simple lunch served.

Check out http://www.bcosw.org/events.htm or www.facebook.com/bcosw (events tab) for details.

Come join the fun!
Hope to see you there!

i wish we could attend. Unfortunatley I will be working this upcoming weekend. Please keep us informed on future events. I live quite a bit a way (springfield, IL) but it would be a fun trip. THanks…..

Though in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, I do appreciate hearing about various meet ups, such as those in Washington state, Vancouver Island - places not too far from me. So thanks for posting the event because I am sure there are people that don't mind the drive (I don't) to see and be a part of various get-togethers and competitions.


oohh, I wish I was closer…Texas is a bit far though..have fun for me!!

Oh please keep me posted of future events. I'm in Minnesota and Kenosha wouldn't be that far to go. But this weekend I'm leaving on a camping trip otherwise we'd probably come.

Here are some photos from the event. Everyone had a blast. The weather was almost perfect.


Wanted to come to this event and we ARE close (Hillsboro, WI) but had camping and school event with our children. We are hoping to make it to the FUN DAY in Rockford, IL on June 12th.

We're thinking about having another lure coursing fundraiser in November. It was so much fun this last time. Here is the photo album from the photographer. Lots of different breeds of dogs.


And just to toot my own horn, here is a pic or two of my dogs from the album.

Zoni - she's a natural, can't wait to run her for real. She has laser focus on the lure.

Nemo - can't believe he actually coursed. He's a bit of a goof (and looks like a kangaroo in the pic 🙂 ). I was more thrilled to watch him run than Zoni. He zoned out the second time to sniff some flowers and didn't complete the course. 😃


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