#1 AKC agility basenji for 2007

  • Finally the 2007 year end AKC agility stats have been published and I'm so thrilled to brag that my brindlewonderkid, DIGITAL, finished up the year as the breed's #1 agility basenji. What's even more special is that he just turned 11, so his 2007 season was as a 10 year old. The last time he was #1 was in 2002 and he's been in the top 3 every year since. He's also our breed's only Dual Champion with master level agility titles. Truely a do-it-all dog. I'm so proud of my "old" man. I love him to pieces. He's my first competition dog and we've done and titled in: conformation, agility, coursing, rally, therapy work. We'll keep competing as long as he enjoys himself.

  • two years ago - i think

  • My daughter shows in agility in the midwest but not with basenji's. I know how much work and training goes into agility . I know how much she does. I get reports on the "grandkids" after every show. She always tells me if there is a basenji there and how they did. She thinks it would be a great challenge to train a basenji in agility but then she would have to live with one and that thought she can't handle. No hounds in her vocabulary. Ha Ha! When I go to visit my daughter I make sure she is showing so I can go and watch. It is great fun She is showing both of hers in excellence . Kudos to you and your dog.

  • Wonderful news, huge congrats. What a great photo

  • Congrats! That is so wonderful!!! 🙂

  • Yay Kim and Diggie!!!! How exciting! How did he and Querk get so old so soon 😞

    Keep up the good work…here's to many more years in the top ten!

  • Congratulations Kim and Digital! Time sure does fly. I can't believe that my boy Nicky is already 10 years old.

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