Tiggy likes WATCHING the Transformers movie

  • DH and I decided to lay in bed and watch the Transformers movie, well Tiggy started watching it too and watched about 30 minutes, then him and Reggie started wrestling on the bed LOL. Dorks they are.

    I have heard of dogs and cats watching tv for a few minutes but not as much as Tiggy, he watches it all the time and its more than just a few minutes. He prefers action/adventure type shows but has watched others like Sci-Fi.

    Who else has pups that seriously watch tv?

  • Blaze use to watch Wishbone and Mr. Magoo, now he'll just watch the fireplace

  • Zahra is highly addicted to the tv. DH was watching I am Legend the other night and she was going crazy about the dog in the movie. Chase was going crazy over it too and normally he doesn't care about what is on tv.

    It is funny though, she does seem quite interested in tv.

  • My friend's yorkshire/maltese watches the tv enough that he used the remote. My friend puts a simple remote with big buttons in the crate and has tought his pup how to use it to change the channel.

  • Sahara loves to watch tv as well, she will crawl up in my lap when I am watching and if a dog is on the screen she will watch til it goes away. She loves the movie "Eight Below" and Homeward Bound, she almost watched the entire movie of both. I leave the tv on for her if I am gone for awhile and she likes Animal Planet.

  • I've said it before on here, but Ruby loves Formula One! 😃 😃 My father and I laugh at her because her head actually moves watching the cars on the track. She can be running around, but as soon as she hears the cars she runs and sits right in front of the tv. And she actually watches it for a while before losing interest.

  • There's a nature program that I've watch a couple of times. Part of it was about wolves, and when they started howling, Zoey sat and watched the tv. She kept watching for quite a while. She seemed to be watching the activity on the screen because she kept watching even when the howling stopped. Tyler looked at the tv when the howling started and then went about his business.

  • EL D likes to watch but only when dogs, wolves, birds and meerkats are on. The really funny thing, though, he'll watch the reflection in the stereo cabinet (if you young pups don't know what that is you'll have to do some research :)) instead of the TV directly. So here he is lying half off the chair or with his head hanging over the arm, staring at the stereo cabinet. And every now and then he'll get up and go looking behind the cabinet to see if he can find the creature. 😃

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