• At the Cheviot Hills Park this afternoon, I ran into a young girl who said that she was going to adopt a Basenji "tomorrow." Where are you getting it? I asked. She said, "The Culver City dog pound."

    Does anyone in the Los Angeles area have any info about this B?


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  • I just looked for it and found that Culver City DOES NOT have a dog pound. All animals from Culver City are turned into the Carson Shelter, I looked through all the dogs listed for the Carson shelter and there was no basenji's listed. I even looked through all the lost and found dogs. There were over 150 dogs listed.

    Here's a link to the Culver City Animal Control Site link

  • I live in Culver city and WBL is right, they have no dog pound. They do use the Carson Shelter and I would think a B would have already been rescued from there by Karen from the So Cal Basenji Rescue.

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