Is this the time to get a Basenji or any dog for that matter?

  • I would like to remind people that just because we are all practicing "stay at home" please think carefully before thinking this is a good time to get a dog.... With Basenjis, puppy season is over and with responsible breeders there are no pups still available as breeders typically have prior reservations, which is a good think, in my opinion... that said, before thinking that this is a good time for a puppy or even a rescue, you need to consider this.... your decision should be what your normal day is like.... especially if you work... just because you are home now, doesn't mean that this is how it always will be... you need to consider your life style before all this started... In the past 3 months I have gotten more inquires about a puppy then in the entire past year....

  • I would think very carefully about getting a puppy - any breed. This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere you are unlikely to find a Basenji. Last winter's crop will all have been dispersed to new owners and only a very small percentage of Basenjis have a summer season.

    If the reason for your question is that you are now in lockdown, at home and with time on your hands, ask yourself what the answer would be in normal times !

    If you could cope with a puppy when released from lockdown and back at work - i.e. if you could have ensured the pup wouldn't have been left alone all day when things were normal, then maybe.

    But if life for a puppy would have been suboptimal in those times, then no ! Wait until you can give a puppy a good life, not just now but when life returns to normal, before embarking on a (dog's) lifetime commitment -

    Good luck anyway and stay safe !

  • I would say that if one had planned to get a pup before this all occurred, then perhaps it would be good timing, as it would give one the opportunity of spending more time with the pup in the crucial early days. Of course things will change and the routine will be different, but there are ways to ease into the new schedule so it isn't an abrupt shift from always being there to suddenly being absent.

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