Can anyone help this little dog before its too late?

  • Hi,
    I am nowhere near California, but I was browsing around on petfinder and came across this listing for Benny. He is so cute, but the ad says he can be put to sleep anytime after October 20th if not adopted. He looks way too cute and sweet to be put to sleep! Can't the shelter contact someone to take him, at least temporarily? Just thought I would put this out there if anyone in the California area is looking for a dog, maybe you can help him!

  • Oops, I suppose it would help to have the link, here it is:

  • Did you contact BRAT already? I just did- just in case!! He is too cute to lose!

  • No, sorry, I am not really familiar with BRAT. We got our basenji at a shelter in Dubuque, Iowa, my husband found her on petfinder as well. I live in Wisconsin, and as of right now am not capable of taking another dog, but I was looking on petfinder just for fun and came across Benny. It made me sad to think that they could put him down, so I thought I would ask about it on here, since many posters seem familiar with BRAT and fostering dogs, plus a lot of posters seem to be from the California/San Fran area. I thought maybe one of them would see the ad and be able to help.

  • Thank you, thats what I was hoping for, that maybe with someone with more knowledge/expertise than me would be able to do something.

  • Good idea! We found our boy on Petfinder. It's such a great tool and really helps pets in need connect with families. I also cross-posted on Dogster.

  • Looks like the shelter is north east of Sacramento…

  • Great thank you for checking this out and contacting BRAT, will they pick him up if no one else does? Like I said I am not too familiar with BRAT, I only know what I have heard discussed on this board. I just figured if anyone could help, it would be someone here 🙂

  • Here is the link to BRAT. BCONC due to insurance reasons can't do rescue and refer (unless it is one of our member breeders) to BRAT. This pup is most likely from the BYB from Grass Valley….
    I will also send them a note

  • Thanks, but what is BCNOC and BYB? I am not familiar with these organizations, we got our Basenji from a shelter in Dubuque, so I am unfamiliar with BRAT and breeders, etc. Hopefully someone can find this cute guy a home, do the shelters often kill shortly after the date, or do they give awhile? I noticed it was yesterday, so hopefully there is time left.

  • BCONC is the Basenji Club of Northern California and BYB is Backyard Breeder that breeds and sells for profit. If you go to the link, you can learn about BRAT.
    I believe all shelters are different and would have no idea about that one. Shelters here is the Bay Area of California are no kill shelters

  • Basenji CLub of Northern Ca. BCNOC. BYB = Back yard Breeder.

  • Any news????? Wish I was closer to Cal. to help out!

  • I haven't heard anything… 😞

  • Wasn't there someone from So Cal who was looking for a basenji on this list? Does anyone remember who?

  • I suppose not much can be done on a Sunday, but please let me know if you hear anything! Hopefully they can at least find someone to foster him for awhile until someone decides to adopt him.

  • I remember… It was Boxman2572 he lives in Burbank CA, he has been saying he wants to adopt a basenji.

  • I posted the info on the SOCAL get-together thread… but southern Cali seems a long way away from this little guy. And Boxman was not on that thread. I had emailed Mike Swan (of BRAT) directly so hopefully he'll check his email this morning and get someone on the case. Keep your paws crossed!

  • If there is an adopter or a foster in So Cal, a BUR run could probably be organized. That would make the drive a bit shorter depending on how many people were willing to participate.

  • I received a note from Mike Swan, BRAT, that they knew of this basenji and there are plans already for his adoption to happen on Tuesday

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