• Hello everyone!
    This is my first time posting to this forum. My husband and I are looking for a basenji puppy. We have done extensive research, but are finding it difficult to locate a reputable breeder near us. We live in the Southeastern United States. We have been in contact with Harmony Hounds, but after reading many previous posts, I am reluctant to move forward. If anyone has any info on a breeder close to us, I would really appreciate it. Thank you all!!

  • I would recommend contacting your local Kennel Club and asking two things:

    1. Do any of their members show, breed, or own Basenji's? And,
    2. Do they have a Dog Show scheduled (in the future)?

    Truly, you will have better success looking locally, or in the next town over, than you will wasting time trying to find someone online. Good luck! Keep us updated!

  • @nsijbiart862 - Go to www.basenji.org and search by state.. and there is also a link to a breeder referral for the Basenji Club of America. And since there are not volumes of breeders (responsible breeders) you will most likely be looking for a bit of travel. In my opinion, as a breeder, I would not recommend Harmony Hounds.

  • My Piper came from Nocturnal Farm and kennel in North Carolina. Sarah might not be a "preferred breeder" but if so I don't know why. She is an awesome person and very knowledgeable. She loves her dogs. And gives them lots of appropriate hands on care. Maybe she has no show champions. I am sure someone who reads this forum can add more. I was not looking to show, just wanted a family pup to love.

  • @chrisf I would hope that you would be proud to recommend your breeder if you were happy with your Basenji regardless of show quality or not. For me, health and personality/temperament are always first for me. That and four feet, two ears, moist nose, curly tail, etc. 😁👍

  • I picked up my pup at 8 weeks old from Harmony Hounds. He is now 16 weeks old and a total joy! More expensive than other breeders but we were willing to pay.
    Healthy, good looking and gets a long well with my 16 month Basenji.
    My son picked up the pup and was provided Sire & Dams linage and testing. My purchase was for a family pet, not to show or breed. We verified all information provided, to ensure we were getting a pup who would not have health issues years from now as we are his forever home.💕

  • If you belong to Facebook please join the group "Basenji Puppies/Puppys/Puppy’s: Get Educated BEFORE you BUY". You will learn from the group posts and information why the two breeders mentioned above are not considered "reputable" as well as a whole raft of other breeders considered "disreputable". You will also learn what constitutes a reputable breeder. A non-refundable deposit is a red flag, not being able to locate sire and dame test results on OFA is another, contracts where the breeder does not accept full responsibility of their pups or dogs if something goes wrong or you can no longer take care of him/her. Reputable does not mean they have to be a show breeder but usually they are. Not all puppies are meant for the show ring but their breeder should be breeding to the standard as if they were.

    Here is the link:

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