Basenji Breeders in Malta

@elbrant - She found these imported Basenjis from 4 .... because Zande has spent years in developing the pedigree she would know if there was a breeder in Malta....

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the points/directions you offered are not realistic in this case.

The method I suggest is valid in virtually every case. You will not find what you are looking for until you look, because you never know what you will find.

Unfortunately, @Zande's original comment was that there weren't any Basenji's in Malta -- it sounded like she was telling @eaglet to give up. I'm grateful that @Zande contacted @eaglet by email and then did some additional research through her records. Her database is a feather in her cap, no doubt about that. Add the knowledge she has gained as a breeder makes her a valuable member.

I don't, however, think anyone should be telling any member that their input is unwanted. Our community is made up of many people who have different perspectives, personalities, knowledge, and skillsets. And that makes each one of us valuable. I would hate to think that we could have members who don't participate for fear that their input wouldn't be appreciated.

I do not think that it is a question of a country of just 316 square kilometres in size or a population of less than half a million. This is surely not the case. In Malta, there are several rare dog breeds, such as Otterhounds, Azawakh, Akita, Finnish Spitz, Shiba Inu and many others. Malta is a country where people love dogs and about two-thirds of families own a dog. The question is why is it different with Basenji breeds. And this is not just a case for Malta. Other countries having millions of population do not even know that a Basenji existed in the world, let alone from having Basenji breeders in their countries.

They are a relatively rare breed. Most people don't know what they are if you mention the breed by name. And if you are out walking one people will stop and ask you what kind of dog it is. Always a treat to encounter another Basenji or indeed to meet someone who knows what they are!

@eeeefarm Even in this country of a couple of hundred Basenjis, I am constantly asked 'what is that ?' when out in the woods with mine !

Sadly, during this virus crisis, the forest is closed (at least, the carpark is, but the wood is pretty porous with entrances all over the place) but when Mku first started running free, he attracted loads of admiring questions as to his breed. Even meeting the same people on a different day I got 'what did you say his breed was ?'

I forget what the thread was when his free running was doubted but YEAH ! I have him running and hunting along with Hoover. We practiced here in the garden and then I let him loose over fields where I could see him all the time. A short, sharp whistle, and a small black thing hurtles back to Mom.

He gets a treat and I get a fabulous yodel !

@tanza Thanks for the vote of confidence !

I started the database in 1984 - so 36 years ago. You could call it my mission in life !

It keeps growing - more and more breeders in far-flung lands find it useful and add to it with details of their litters. I spend at least 5 hours a day, almost every day, contacting breeders and owners, entering data, checking accuracy etc. I never thought I'd reach a hundred thousand but we are 'way beyond that. The addition of photos was relatively recent in the scheme of things but more and more pedigrees are filling up with a full compliment of pics.

Onwards and Upwards !

Your dedication, work, and mission with Basenjis is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 🐾🐕❤

I have to share this ! Just had an email from a young friend for whom I brokered a Basenji puppy -

"People have asked if he is a Jack Russell, shar Pai, shiba inu and a Fox."

And this in LONDON !

The puppy is in a super, understanding home !!!

@eaglet Hi everyone, me and my family we wish ta add another member to our family and we would like to have a pure breeder basenji anyone can help me to find one in Malta please?
My name is Wayne Makrantoni and my phone number is [private phone number removed]

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