Basenji Mix

I have three Basenji mix dogs needing homes. Americas Basenji Rescue on Pet Finder. I hope it is ok to post this. I don't want to upset anyone.

Link to see B-mix

Roo found her forever home:)

Can you post a link? I know someone who is in the market to adopt a basenji or basenji mix in the Philly area.

Here is the link to the dogs we have available on Pet Finder

Here is the link to our web site


I think anytime any group works to save b's its a very good thing.
Thank you for posting this.
I hope we hear they have forever homes for Christmas.


There are also a few B's in Virginia right from BRAT if your friend is interested in any of those I can transport to Philly - my sister lives there and I make trips up as much as I can.

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