My old gal.

It's just been a while since I made any fuss over her, so here's my old gal, Gypsy, 14 yrs old and still going….though not quite as strong as the good ol' days. The sweetest dog I've ever, ever known.

Awww…what a sweetie! And what a great old age for a Golden! Here's hoping for many more years with her!

Awe she's so sweet, looks to be a real love bug

She is so sweet looking. Did you get her before you had human kids?

Gypsy looks so comfortable, and she looks like she has so much knowledge about Basenjis, haha!!!! It is obvious you got her before the Bs, she has been so patient with them,(gathered from previous posts) and a great asset to your family. Don't you just love that face, dogs are the best!!!!!! Give her a big hug and kiss for me, bless her heart as we say in the south!!!:D

what a doll….she looks so sweet. She really looks great for 14 too!

Awwwww! She is so cute I just want to cuddle her. I love goldens! Boyfriend has allergies so they wouldn't fare well in this house though.


She is so sweet looking. Did you get her before you had human kids?

She came just about halfway through – child #4 was 1 yr old, children # 5 and 6 came after Gypsy.
She has been the perfect dog with kids -- has never even growled at a child; not when stepped on, tripped over, eyeballs poked {you know when little ones learn and say, "eye, eye, eye", LOL}
She really is an awesome girl!

That is so super…. and so sweet..... what a great old girl.....

She looks like a wise, patient, and gentle old soul. I know what you mean about "eye, eye, eye". Our 2 year old grandson likes to play that with Cory - especially "eye, eye", "ear, ear", "nose, nose", etc. Cory can be so intolerant of Jayden's antics but will allow our grandsons to do anything to her without a single sign of displeasure. Probably because Jayden has never shared "Goldfish" with her.


What a sweetie pie!!

Gypsy has such a sweet face!

She is just beautiful! What a grand "old gal" she is! Please, make a fuss more often!!

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