New puppy - want to guess what kind

I'll give you a hint:

it is a purebred

I might have attached a picture

NOpe I didn't - I'll try again!


i give up, what is it? besides really cute…. 🙂

Aww it's adorable! What's the breed?!?

OK hint - it's an FSS breed with AKC and the ONLY one of it's size and coat to be in the country (at least after Next week when she arrives)

Hm….is it a Thai Ridgeback?

Is it a New Guinea Singing Dog?


Is it a New Guinea Singing Dog?

Thats what I was going to guess too

I think it is a Podengo (spelling?)

Andrea - you beat me to it. I am only guessing Portuguese Podengo. Wire coat? No, smooth…


Hm….is it a Thai Ridgeback?

These are TRD's (puppies, and great pic shows all four colors)

Retract my guess NGSD is not on the list of FSS

I'm guessing the Portuguese Podengo also medium size and smooth coat

Yea…I was way off. I will also guess Podengo!

No fair Andrea - you probably have been bored to tears by hearing me talk about this. Yes she is a Portuguese Podengo Grande Smooth. She will be the only one of that size in the country - god knows how I'll get a male to breed her too in a couple of years. This size in particular needs some help by folks who understand primitive breeds. She is from the only litter bred in 3 years. We are trying to find more registered dogs in the big Boar hunting packs but it's slow going. IN any event I thought it was important to bring over one of this size so we have all 3 in the country.

I am a little worried about where she'll fit in the pack but she'll fit somewhere!

The Podengo comes in 3 sizes and 2 coat types (smooth and wire) the Medio size looks like a more African look basenji with a straighter tail. The wire medio was in movies like Zeus and Roxanne (the dolphin and the dog) thw wire hair dog in Secondhand Lions, and the dog in The Lake House.

Actually, no…I didn't know 🙂 But I *thought it was a podengo...but to make sure, I checked the FSS registry to makes sure they were on it 🙂

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see her in person!

Can't wait for the pictures…and the stories...when she arrives.

So far the big story is only send money and wait for dog - I can't believe I am doing this sight unseen - but I've been following the puppy pix for a long time and also her mothers development.

I am especially interested because in Portugal most times these animals are raised outside (hunting dogs you know) these have been raised in a home so I'm hoping that I get something that will work in my life.

WOW! Can't wait to see more pics. I really like the look of them. (Esp the wire coats)

What a cute pup, very basenji-like. I predict tons of fun.

Anne in Tampa

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