All in the Family Coursing

This Saturday we took the dogs lure coursing. It was a nice day, good weather, small trial, home by 4pm. It was Sophie's first trial. I had Sophie (13 months old) and Rio (3 years old) entered in Open and Rally(7 years old) and Nicky(10 years old) entered in Veterans. Rio has taken to stalking the lure which does not help her scores much and she finished 4th in Open. Sophie loves lure, especially the straight aways and though it was a really close course managed to squeak 1st place in Open. Rally and Nicky love to run and I never know what to expect from my Veteran Field Cheaters but they were really on and Rally took 1st in Vets with Nicky in 2nd. The BOB run-off was great and quite close, if Sophie had come unsighted at the very end I think she would have had it but her more experience mother took home Best of Breed.

The photographer has just put up photos and it is amazing to see the two sisters race each other and mom and daughter together.

Mom(blue) and Daughter(yellow) in BOB

Sisters in Prelims

Uncle and Niece in Prelims and Finals

Love it, Love it….....very nice thanks for posting those.....🆒

Wonderful photos they look very happy

Great pics….I love watching them run. The pups did good too..congrats!

Nice pics, dogs are just loving it!

I can't wait to go to lure coursing practice this afternoon, see if Uku will agree to run after the plastic bags this time and not try to catch the line :eek: .

Sahara is going on a Lure Coursing practice tomorrow. She loves, loves it for the excerise and the socialization, I have a social girl!

Great pics!

😃 Love The Pics

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