• I took Baroo to the vet to get his pre-neuter checkup, and he has a slight heart murmur. The vet said it probably won't cause any problems, but is this something I should be worried about? I am kinda nervous now because she said there is more of a risk when putting him under anesthesia. Anyone had this happen?

  • I doubt that a slight heart murmur will have any effect on him… and as long as your Vet knows this before surgery then they will watch for it....

    Noting in your other email that you are thinking of getting another dog, you really should get him neutered and recovered before getting another dog... and make sure all of your issues with him are resolved or you could be letting yourself in for twice the problems with an 8 month old pup....

  • When Topper was about 1 1/2, a vet said he had a murmur, but no one has heard it since. Your boy may improve, but a "slight murmur" should not affect his good and happy life. (but you should get advice from an expert if you are thinking of ever breeding him)

    Anne in Tampa

  • Well I think they found it on the exam to have him neutered, which is a good thing… (having him neutered)....

  • My Cairo has been diagnosied too with a heart murmur. He developed it later in life as the vets never told me of it when he was younger. But apart from his retching problem he is still very energetic. Loves to run around and play. Hopefully it won't be a problem for Baroo. PS cute pic of Baroo.

  • I had one dog who had a heart murmur. He lived to be 17 and a half years-only because he developed dementia so I had to put him down for various reason including the dementia. So heart murmurs sometimes don't mean a lot.

  • I just came back from (a different) vet and guess what?, Cairo's heart murmer has disappeared. i thought of Baroo, and wondered if you may like to know that this vet believes heart murmers in Basenji's can come and go, like with dogs in general. Apparently, sometimes the heart valve positioning creates the murmer-rush noise, but that it is temporary and so doesn't reflect a cardio problem. Hope that his is so with Baroo too. Good luck.

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