• We have a dog in the neighborhood that we can hear, but we don't know where it lives. It has a very strange "bark" and I've been wondering if it is a basenji. Is there anywhere on the net that I can hear what a basenji sounds like?

  • look it up on You Tube, there are lots on there

  • Thank you. That was quick!

  • So is it a basenji?

  • I have dialup, so everything is verrrrry slow loading. However, from what I've been able to hear so far, no. The basenji sound is much higher pitched than what I hear.

  • Okay, I found one video in which the dog sounds quite a bit like what we've been hearing, but it's very quiet. Can they project over any distance?

  • Oh yes, they can project for sevaral blocks if they want to! And they make a lot of different sunds, the traditional howl, a yodel, and the scream, like a human being tortured.
    Anne in Tampa

  • there are many stories of owners leaving the house for a few minutes and coming home to the entire neighborhood trying to see what's causing the racket in the house.

  • When we crate Cory, she puts up such a loud fuss….screaming, etc....that we have to put her crate in an area with the least amount of outside exposure. And STILL we can hear her through the front door as we walk up the sidewalk. We need to set up a recorder to determine if she screams the entire time we are gone or if she resumes the screaming when she hears our car. We warned the neighbors so they wouldn't be concerned and call the police. Yep...her voice definitely projects!


  • There are also Basenji sounds on the Basenji Club of America site, www.basenji.org

  • There's also some videos on the thread-

    Miles: A Rescue

  • @BDawg:

    There's also some videos on the thread-

    Miles: A Rescue

    Thanks BDawg - I've heard this before, but this time - Duke heard Miles. It is an awful sound, isn't it? Duke was so sympathetic - wish I could've put him on tape.

    Just for the record…My girl Daisy (1/2 basenji) surely wanted out of her crate (puppy training) and my neighbors let me know it! (even though windows closed) She is now 1 year old and very-very content in her crate when we are gone. 🙂

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