• Hello everyone! I have a random question, my first and only dog as of now is a basenji. so i was wondering, do other breeds do something like the B-500?? or is it just this crazy breed?? 🙂 and when diego is outside he'll run around in a circle really fast and just keep running in the same circle.. normal for all breeds or just b's??

  • I know boxers do it, I'm not sure about other larger breeds but I do know that a lot of dogs from a border collie and smaller do. My dads Sheltie does it too.

    Try having a boxer AND a basenji do it through the house at the same time and you have hardwood floors. LMAO thats what I get at least once a day. They play tag and slide into the walls and furniture adjust the area/throw rugs and this is all on purpose and part of the game

  • My Talker will do it by himself. I have Savannah and she won't do it at all. She just watches him when he's doing it in the back yard.

  • When I got my first basenji years ago, I had a german shepherd mix who weighed about 50 lbs. They would do the 500 around the house regularly–boy was that something with a 50 lb dog!! She would also do it by herself sometimes--it would just crack me up.

  • Scarlett does it all the time. it is absolutely hilarious and when the cat gets in on it, the laugh factor triples cause i can never tell who is chasing who!

  • My vizsla was my 1st dog and he does it once a day now that i have Stella my b at least 2x a day now and bela he is 75 Lbs! my wood floors are all messed up. But i dont care my family has a floor care biz thank god LOL

  • I had a German Shorthair that would wind up and run it off so to speak.

    The Basenji's seem so much more acrobatic, bouncing off couches and chairs, circling tables…....they just seem like naturals to me.

  • My vizsla does it with my basenjis…. athough he isn't as agile bouncing off the furniture. I learned the hard way to NOT have table lamps.

  • My brittany will do it if she is chasing or being chased by goober. otherwise no.

  • My darling lab/shepherd/airedale mix, Camin, who crossed the Bridge a few years ago used to engage in B-500 type behavior all by herself. If I egged her on with a few play bows and pretending like I was going to "get her," you could almost hear her laughing out loud.

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