• ohhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now ya tell me !!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Maybe we could get the BRAT website to block us from looking:p

  • Good idea! I dont think our bed is big enough for another b!

  • You might know, BRAT is always looking for foster homes.
    It gives a stressed basenji a chance to calm down and you chance to help a dog in need.
    Just in case you think you can help "one" more basenji.

  • Sharron,
    How timely of you to say that. Just tonight, I emailed the coordinator I got Sawyer (BRAT name Benji) from to offer to foster a BRAT dog if needed.

  • Oh, that is wonderful.
    The joy of fostering is to see a dog who is unsure, scared, become a loving member of a family.
    The new family who get this basenji YOU help rehome will always consider you a part of the helpful group who work to get the basenji to the final home.

  • @luvsmy2bs:

    Well,,,,,???????? How are things going? We just added a third BRAT dog so I feel like I can relate to your situation and I am curious as to how your new babies are doing.

    Has anyone asked you this already - Are you going to change your name to "luvsmy3bs"? OR are you waiting to see if you decide to go for a 4th?:D


  • I try to look at the BRAT site as little as possible. The funny thing is My Hubby wa the one looking at Czar like he wanted him already. I did check he's pending so thats good. I figure I owe it to these three to let them settle before I add more craziness.

    We have talked about fostering..my human kids are 6 and 11 they're not sure they could give the pups up. I could end up keeping all my fosters…I don't think thats the idea. We will talk more about it once everyone is settled.

    I think we will try to at least help with transport, home visits that stuff if we can't foster right away. once you go through the process you just want to try and give back how ever you can.

  • Oh I wanted to say yes the rain is a pain. Deke has always been ok he'll go potty in the rain. Britty I've gotten to go but Gracie went in my daughters room. I told her she hadn't gone and to watch her but she's 11. She had to clean it up next time she'll watch closer. haha

  • Yes,,,,I know I need to change my name,,,,,,,thank goodness the "kids" havent seen it yet or they may think I only love two of the three of them,,,,,ha ha. Also, we have thought about fostering a BRAT dog. I am a teacher so I have the summers free. We decided to wait until after the spring though to sign up because my son is a senior and I am afraid the spring will be to crazy to try to help a BRAT dog that may have some issues. However, we would be open to the transporting. BTW , Senji, we are going to the Northwest part of IL (about 25 miles from Iowa) soooooooooooooo if you want us to make Czar our first transport that can be arranged!!! 🙂

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