Meeka ate 1/2 loaf of bread..

  • Meeka somehow got the bread that was pushed back on the counter (now i know she can reach the entire counter!) and ate it while i was upstairs. it was 1/2 to 3/4 a loaf of italian bread. (diego might have ate some of it, but i think it was mostly meeka) i called the vet but they are closed.. should i be worried? anyone else have a dog eat that much bread? thanks..

  • I believe as long as it wasn't wheat bread, you should be ok just to keep an eye on them. My parent's mutt is fed 2-3 slices of white bread at a time and crusts from pizza. I have no idea about a B though. I only let my dog eat dog food plus a tiny bit of cheese when he has to have a pill.

  • thanks.. anyone else have advice?? i'm a little worried it was too much bread..

  • Bread will not hurt her.. she might get bloated… but should be just fine.....

    Now unbaked bread... there is a problem... ggg... as the yeast turns into alcohol... and well, you guessed... drunk dogs.. and then screaming squirts... didn't happen to me, but my friend Parry, his three B's got a loaf of unbaked bread that was on the stove to rise....

  • thanks! i called the emergency vet and talked to a vet tech.. she asked the same thing, if it was unbaked bread.. which it wasnt.. i didnt know at the time why she asked if it was unbaked.. but now it makes sense.. so she just said bloating and she may not want to eat a lot..

  • My Puggle, Chase is a master at getting a loaf of bread off the counter. Then after he has done the hard work Zahra helps him tear the bag open so they can binge on bread.

    Usually when this happens they don't get dinner that night since I am sure they are more than, um, stuffed.

    Why is it a problem if it is wheat bread? I have never heard of that before.

  • Some dogs are allergic to wheat.
    On the bloating - if it doesn't go away fairly quickly, bloating can also be serious. My previous beastie ate something (don't remember what now) and got bloated and after awhile started to scream (and you know how scary the basenji scream is) anytime he moved or I touched him. It turned out to be just the gas but it sure scared me and cost me an emergency wad of cash.
    My current beastie EL D once dragged a loaf of desert bread out of the compost bin - eeeww :eek: - luckily he only ate a small portion of it before I saw him.

  • I can't imagine my B eating plain bread, unless it was buttered. That much bread might cause constipation though.

  • I think everything is fine now.. she's been eating and going to the bathroom regularly.. but it was hard to tell if she was bloated becuase she is so overweight.. I keep her on a diet and then she finds a way to ruin it!

  • My boy Cody loves bread. He has eaten most of a loaf of white bread while I was at work. He was fine, but the vet recomended setting out extra water, because he would be thirsty. He was able to digest it with no ill effects. I now have to have the bread up on top of a very tall cabinet about 5 feet off the floor.

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