• So, my 20 yr old dd is a senior at university about 5 hrs away. She's studying Administration of Justice; wants to "get the bad guys". She was recently hired by the campus police force and as part of her training has to be tazed and pepper sprayed. She'd been tazed before, because she was a sheriff's cadet from age 16 - 19, so that is not a concern.
    She was REALLY afraid of being pepper sprayed.

    Well, she got it tonight. It's been about 3 hours, and I just talked to her. She is still in extreme pain, poor kid. 😞
    She turned her head when they sprayed her, and the stuff got all over not just her face, but her neck and chest as well. She sent me a photo and it looks just awful.

    She is the only girl on the squad of 8, and was determined to make a good showing tonight. That worked – she was told she took it better than the guys -- including one ex-marine, LOL.

    I feel so bad; I want to be there with her but I suppose that's part of being a grown-up; Mommy can't always save the day! Her boyfriend is taking good care of her though.

    On a cuter note, she was laughing because they got the roster w/the names and emails of the squad members.
    The guys all have emails like: TomB@aol.com, Shark1@comcast.com, etc. And then there's dd's email:
    grandpas_tweety@whatever.com LOL Now, doesn't that just strike fear in the hearts of all the bad guys?

  • Wowsers! I'm impressed at how tough your daughter is! I can't even cut an onion!!!

  • WOW great job. Women can be tougher than those "tough guys" when we choose to be. We're not stupid it's best to save our strength for the hard times. Now being a mom, I guess that never gets easier! Hang in there it sounds like she's following her dreams. You gave her that ability so it seems as though you may not be able to be there in person but you ARE there for her…she called you!!!! Great job to mom too!!!

  • Yikes! Congrats to her for being tough enough, though 🙂 A very brave and admirable career…I hope she reaches her goals 🙂

  • I know that at the local police academy, they're required to get pepper sprayed. If she's still burning, have her soak a towel in whole milk(not skim) and wipe herself down in the shower with it. Saline solution, the kind used for contact lenses, also works.

  • Yes, they also have to at police academy here. She's hoping…hoping...that having it done now, she will not have to later. I doubt it, but you never know.

    She tried the milk thing and said it really didn't work. Some info we got suggested canola oil {absorbed the pepper} followed by a wipe down w/alcohol. She didn't want to try that. Spent the night w/bags of frozen potatoes and veggies on her neck and chest, LOL.

    She was doing okay today; her biggest problem was that her eyes are still irritated and she forgets and rubs them, which is uncomfortable.

    Also, based on her performance last night, she was asked today to consider taking special training in female defense training and to begin to work w/a female sgt. on doing work w/that on campus - demonstrations and training.

    Pretty cool.......:)

    If you met her, you'd never know she had it in her. She's 5'7", maybe 130 if that {and very pretty, of course;) }; You'd think she's all about hair, make up, and shoes. She's living proof that girly-girls can kick butt! 😃
    She's gonna surprise a few bad guys in her career, I'm sure! LOL

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