Faraoland Superlativa "Tiva"


When I was in high school I had a dog who looks (a little bit) like Basenji. She was a reason why I started to read about breed… more I was reading, more I liked them. I decided that one day I'll have Basenji. So, 13 years later (who said that 13 is unlucky number?!? 😃 ), here she is - my girl Tiva.

Tiva came to me from Swedish kennel Faraoland.

She is beautiful! Welcome!

Great photos! She's so cute!

sooo cute! I had a b when I was a kid. I always said I'd have another. I tried other breeds but I'm back to Basenjis. Welcome, it's lots of fun here….great stories and lots of help.

Welcome! I had never heard of the breed till my boxer was sick and I started researching breeds. I'm glad I found them though!

Too cute… Congrats!

Beautiful girl:p :p :p

She is gorgeous!!! Love the pics!!

Love those nice little ears!

Welcome! She is beautiful!!

Very beautiful girl ! 🆒

On those photos, Tiva was 6 months old. Now, she is a big girl (OK, she thinks she is a big girl 😃 ).

Few more photos…

and now 😉


Funny how they hate to give up their comfort spots!

We have "twin" child-size camp chairs {attached together} that both B's love. Jazz still fits okay in hers – it's tight, but still comfy. Poor Keoki, with his long, gangly legs just hangs out every where. That doesn't stop him, though, and for a good chunk of every day that's where you'll find him.

No where NEAR as funny as Tiva though. That's priceless.

That is sooo cute! Aren't they the best?

That last picture is too funny…I can't believe she can sleep like that. 😃

She looks sweet, nice color wrinkles & ears

Barootiful Basenji, love the tracks on the blanket.:)

Haha I love the fuzzy chair pics. Too cute!

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