Say "hi" to Roscoe

I had posted several months ago before I got my puppy. Roscoe will be sixteen weeks old tomorrow and I've had him for about six weeks now. His father is Tail of Intrigue and his mother in Fire-N-Lines. It has taken me a while to figure out how to post photos, so hopefully these will transfer:D He is a very sweet puppy but can get into anything at the speed of light!! If these photos come through I'll post some more from this past weekend of him on his first visit to the beach.

The first picture is the first night I got him. Because of bad weather in Texas, I had to overnight it in Louisville KY. Had to improvise and use an old butter tub for his bowl:rolleyes: The last two were taken about a week ago.


Wow! I have one of those butter containers that he is eating out of - he is so little! and cute!

waging tail hello!

Hello from Minnesota!

Hi Roscoe
Cool to see new relatives on the forum we share the same dad 😃

Myran & Efia both children of Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue aka Tre

So sweet! Love those puppies!

Here are some more pictures at the beach this past weekend. He had a good time running on the sand, but didn't want to get his feet wet.:) My friend's two golden retrievers on the other hand spent more time in the water than on land:p

What a cute boy!! 😃 And the beach looks so nice…wish I was there!

Such a handsome boy!


What a cute boy!! 😃 And the beach looks so nice…wish I was there!

It was very nice. It was the week after Spring Break and the beach was disserted.

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