Nexa's getting a playmate!!!

  • In 11 days (not that we're counting) we are adopting a 10 month old red and white male named Leo:D We are crossing our fingers that Nexa and him get along, this weekend we are introducing them. He is at Americas Basenji Rescue. Leo's mom was brought pregnant to a humane society about an hour south of Indianapolis and then came to the rescue. All his littermates have been adopted. Leo's first forever home didn't work out, the older children in the house weren't very nice to him and he "corrected them", they said he was very good with their 3 year old. He seems to be great with other dogs. I'll post pictures as soon as we get some. 😃 😃 😃

  • Yaaaay for Nexa! We'll keep our fingers crossed for good luck with Leo!

  • I would be happy to send you off site the info we sent out with BRAT's new basenjis.
    It might help you bond with your new dog…
    If you wash, you can post to me privately, and I will send it to you.
    Its useful..but long.

  • I couldn't get very good pictures with my cell phone, but here are a few pictures of Leo. Aside from a little snarking (from Nexa), the meeting was good. By the end they were ready to get rowdy and go play.


    Leo and Nexa:


  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope all went well this weekend!! I have seen Leo on Petfinder and I was sooooooooo glad to hear that someone was becoming his forever family. Again, congratulations!

  • That's awesome! Good luck and what a lovely pair of B's you have!🆒

  • They are adorable! Keep us posted on how it's going!

  • We picked up Leo at 5:00 today. Nexa and him are getting along great. Here is a video:D


  • Woo Hoo big congrats!!!!

  • Congratulations! I'm so happy that Leo found a loving home. I have a father/daughter pair of rescues that got along great at the shelter, got along great at my house for a couple of months, and then had a few weeks of working out what the proper behavior/ranking/etc. was between the two of them in their new home with me. But everthing is just great–and it looks like your two are off to a great start.

  • Yes, be prepared for "things" that will go on with a new addition…. as they "sort" thing out.... and congrats on your new addition

  • That's soooooo great. I'm trying to add to my pack also. It's great to see it happen for others. Hopefully we'll be able to SHARE adjustment stories soon. Good luuck with them they are adorable !!!!!!!

  • How exciting! The pics are lovely!

    Can't wait to hear stories of Nexa and Leo and their adventures together.

  • It got really cold and windy here, so we're trying out the new coats! I think Leo looks all tough in his. He outweighs Nexa by about 10 lbs, he's about 32 lbs.

  • How cute! Great pics! It looks like they are getting along perfectly! Yay!

  • Great coats!

  • Congrats on Leo!! Loved the video… looks like they are having such fun!!

  • Congratulations! Leo is so handsome. Nexa and Leo look like they have always been together, like they belong. Their jackets look warm and comfortable. Very nice pics. 🙂

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