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  • @RHicks:

    I am seriously considering trying to keep Rocky out of the crate while I am gone. We usually keep him in the back yard but winter is coming. Last winter, I stayed home during the daya dn when I was gone we crated him. We have never left him alone for longer than 30 minutes but he has never done any damage. How will I know if he can handle this?

    How old is Rocky?…... and if you limit the area and it is an area that he is pretty used to... usually not a problem.... but you have to be prepared that stuff might happen

  • it scares me to think of all the things he could get into in 8 hours alone out of his crate…wires to be chewed, stuffing from a chair or sofa to be swallowed, so many things...you couldnt leave a 2 year old home alone for that long and they are kind of like a 2 year old all their lives. 🙂

  • When I first wanted to leave Tayda out of the crate when I wasn't home, i actually set up a little video camera to tape what she did. She wandered around for about 5 minutes, and then went into her crate and hung out in there for most of the time…

    Then I got Lenny. I crate them together and they keep each other company. Although I don't think Tayda minded being in there alone. I used to video them together in the crate and even through their crate is big, Lenny tries to sit right next to Tayda or even on top of her and sometimes she lets him know she doesn't like it.

    Anyway, I felt bad at first leaving them in the crate when I wasn't home, but after letting them stay loose in the house and seeing that they went to the crate anyway, I just crate them. Its not worth the risk of something happening. Not so much them destroying anything, but the chewing on things that could harm them (electrical cords, etc etc)

  • It's interesting that they hung out in their crates anyway. 🙂 videotaping is such a good idea. good for you.

  • i crate mine all the time at work - i hate more than they do i think! but they seem fine - go in no problem and seem okay though my boy recently started to cry when he goes in and has been ripping up his bedding - but i think its only for a little while -

  • You can basenji "proof" a room, spray the cords with Bitter apple, keep some lovely chewies out for them…block off the rest of the house, so they have to say in their area.
    We did this..our dining room/kitchen, with a doggie door to the fenced backyard.
    We set up a calm routine...major walks before we left and one quick one just before leaving...and they are fine.
    Hope this works for you.

  • I hate to say this, but Bitter Apple never stopped any of mine for more then 30 seconds… gggg

  • Pat-DITTO!!..for my two it was more like "YUM SWEET APPLE" 😃 LOL

    I would try crate training…you never know what they decide to get into on any particular day for any particular reason. I think we may (BIG MAYBE) try to leave ours out w/crates nearby but using expens to confine them to an area. Although my girl LOVES her crate..I have to beg her to come out sometimes 😃

  • There are other items you can use to keep them from chewing.
    I understand, vick, the vapor rub will do it.
    I do know that hot sauce will keep the outside critters from trying to nest in the garage…
    Good luck with your basenji..
    I do know most b's love to sleep when we leave them, if they are properly tired.

  • Obviously you don't have time for this, but I worked up to leaving Sugar and Shadow alone. I have 'Basenji proofed' the areas they are allowed in-everything else is either baby gated or doors are closed. But, I can leave both out of their crates all day if necessary.

  • She-Ra pretty much has the run of the place while I'm gone. Pee-pads near the back door where she knows to "go". Plenty of plastic chews and a rawhide chew before I leave. Baby Gates covering the areas we don't want her to go, and we're good. Yes, every now and then she'll get into something I didn't want her to, but usually that's because stupid Daddy left it out! 🙂 I'll usually do a quick run through the house to make sure everything's good to go before I go.

    Most of the time she sleeps and is ready for fun and a walk by the time I get home.

  • i do not recommend that…..i tried that once and my b's were ok and didnt do anything or get into anything for like 3 days after that was horrible i think they get bored but i dont crate mine....they have their own room and they stay there when were gone

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