Hey everyone! Roxy and Eric from SOCAL

  • hey everyone..

    just wanted to introduce myself, Eric… and my basenji, Roxy. i rescued her when she was 10 months old and now she's 2.5. she's AWESOME and quite well-behaved as far as Basenji's go.

    we run around off-leash on the beach everyday after work and have a blast together.

    anyone interested in having some SOCAL get togethers?


  • Welcome from the SF Bay Area Eric! Roxy is just beautiful! Where did you get her from? I got Tyler and Zoey from the So Cal Basenji Rescue (Medfly Brigade) and brought them up here to Hayward.

  • Roxy is very cute… and looks like she is loving life.....

  • thanks everyone!

    i got Roxy through BRAT. she came from Sacramento!

  • Well Roxy is a lucky little lady to be living such a life of liesure in Southern CA–and with such a good dad.

  • Yea, Roxy looks like she is quite content, she is very pretty. My B is also red and white, her name is Sahara and she is in the photo gallery. I love Red & whites, and my 2nd fav. is Black & White. Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will enjoy the info and chats here, how long have u had Roxy?

  • Are you going to the Basenji national show in Cal?
    I wish I could make it.
    Maybe the next year show in Texas.
    If you haven't been to one, its something to see.
    So many b's in one place and so much basenji "stuff".

  • Welcome to the forum! 😃 Love the pic with you and Roxy on the boat…have you taken her sailing and does she like it? How is she when the boat heels?

  • It looks like she found her perfect "forever home" with you. She's a beauty!
    Welcome, Roxy & Eric!

  • Hello and welcome!! Roxy is one gorgeous girl!! Too bad we live way to far away for a get-together!!

  • I am in! Let's plan something here in orange County maybe? My basenji is 8 1/2 months old and he looks like yours. I went to LMU, so I know your area well.


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