Hey all

Hey everyone,

I am john , savannahs human . just wanted to say hello

Hi John and welcome!

Lovely girl.
Where did you get her?

oops, I know this girl..
How is she feeling after her spay?

Hello John, welcome to the forum. Thanks for giving Savannah a FURever home!!

Welcome John, she's looking great! Glad to hear her appetite is back! This site, as I'm sure Mantis has told you, is wonderful!

Welcome John!! And a BIG HUG to you for being Savannah's human 😃 you're very sweet to have taken in this little cutie patootie! 😃

Thanks for the welcome.

she is doing great after her spay, as crazy as ever.
had my first basenji in the rain experience today, she does not like the rain !

I have raincoats on my b's…when its wet...but they have to go out, doesn't matter if they don't want to.
We live in the PNW...so rain is part of the deal.
They do learn quickly that if they are "quick" with their business...they can go indoors.
Get a raincoat for her and take her out.

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