Hey from Austin, Texas =)

Hello everyone!

I am moving to the U.S (currently in Norway), and my husband and I would love to get a dog. I am a cat lover, but unfortunately, I'm allergic. 😞 Been looking at a lot of dogs, and reading about them, but I think I've "found" a "match"! πŸ™‚ I'm really surprised how big the Basenji is tho, thought it was a smaller dog, lol. I kind of want to surprise my husband with one. But I singed up here, so I can learn a little bit more about it, and see all of these wonderful pictures members put out. I hope I will be able to find breeders in our state πŸ™‚

Welcome to the forum. I do hope you find your heart basenji.

First Basenji's

If you'd like to adopt a rescue….I'd highly recommend Basenji Rescue and Transport (B.R.A.T.). There are 4 rescues waiting for adoption in Texas right now. We got our Prince through BRAT and we love him dearly!

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