Hey Guys!

My name is Allie my dogs name is Foxy and she is a beautiful Basenji mix! I'll have pictures up as soon as I figure it out haha:D

Hi Allie,

Welcome to Basnji Forums! You can find some help about posting photos here:

Picture Help: How to add and resize pictures in your post
Video Help: How to post a video

Welcome, I can't wait to see those pics!!!:D

I followed the directions for adding a picture but nothing is showing up in the body of my post after i browse for the file and upload it i dont see anything? They are the right size according to the chart.

Hello Allie and Foxy! Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pics!

Please email photos to admin@basenjiforums.com and we will take a look.

Welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome to our pack! I'm sure you'll find lots of good information and stories here and feel free to share your own.

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