• Hi!, Im new and I am DEFINATLY a fan of the basenji, in fact, since owning JUST one so far, I am hooked!! And refuse to ever buy a different breed of dog. My name is Kira , My husband is Geoff and my Basenji is Capt. Jack (Jackers). Jack is four. And my husband and i are 21. we live in CT. Im a Teacher and my hubby is in the USN. I am nine weeks and a few days pregnant with our first child. Jack is the first dog my husband and I have owned together, (we have been married since July 2006) hmmm. hehe, Well Jack is great we rescued him, hes nutered, chestnut and white (see my avatar), VERY smart, sneeky (evil somtimes), very beautiful, but has some seperation anxiety. 😞 He LOVES going to the dog park, but has a problem with male non nutered dogs ( NO CLUE WHY!!) soo, i think thats enough about us, lol. NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!!!

  • hello capt jack! you guys wouldnt happen to be in groten and your husband would not happen to be a nuke? tehehe i am a us navy nuke wife. congrats on the baby! welcome to the forum!

  • hmm. WELL yes…and yes...LOL u go to the dog park??

  • Welcome, your Jack sure is cute.

  • Welcome to the forum, cute B ya got there;) …......enjoy the fun.

  • Congrats on the baby and welcome (again)…I'm sure you'll find this site informative and fun!

  • Hiya Capt Jack and family! Welcome aboard! 🙂

  • Welcome, and Congratulations on the baby! What an exciting time!

    My dh has been out of the Navy for 20 yrs, but he WAS a Nuke. Now he just works with them at the Bremerton shipyard.

    Jack's adorable – of course -- How long have you had him?

  • well we got Jack the beginning of August last year, as soon as we got here. he was only in the humane soc. for about 5 hours and we picked him up! love at first site…lol

  • How lucky for him to be found so soon. And how lucky for you!

    Jazz is our first Basenji also, and while I love several breeds of dogs {most are large}, I don't plan on ever owning anything else.

  • oh, i KNOW, it might be a bad thing tho, they are kind of expensive from a breeder, and we just lucked out on find Jack, how could someone NOT want him, He is amazing

  • Welcome!! And congrats on the baby & your recent marriage!! You'll love it here & you can get lots of help with any B questions. There's a thread somewhere on separation anxiety. You can do a search & read more…:D 😃

  • THANK YOU all very much!!

  • My wife and I got our first dog together (a Basenji of course) just after getting married. Less than 2 years later we got another. I didn't know how attached I was to them until we lost one last year. She was 14. Our friends talked about other breeds available, and I decided I'm not really a "dog person" as much as a "Basenji person". We now have 2 more! There are a lot of Basenji nuts on this site too! Welcome to the forum.

  • cmd, i use to live in Ohio i was born and raised there. i lived in columbus and then in Granville, where are u from?

  • Welcome! That Jack is very handsome, congrats on the baby!

  • We're just outside of Cincinnati and have two 1 yr olds. (Select) Bonnie Bell came from Dr Tracy near Dayton. We drove nearly to Illinois to get Smitty. Smitty is a Hacker Basenji and he is closely related to the girl we lost last year. Ramsey is 12 – don't want to forget the old guy. Oh, sorry this was YOUR introduction thread! Nice to meet another midwesterner.

  • lol. i just miss ohio…i heard the weather was terrible tho, i dont miss that...hehe

  • snow with ice, then ice and more ice!

  • So pretty!

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