• Hi all!
    We are very excited to have found this forum! My name is Audrey and my boyfriend is Conal. Our two devil B's are Princess Sophie Cat and Good Ol' Stick. Sophie (a black and white girl) is over four years old and Stick (our red and white boy) is ten months. They are both rescue dogs from shelters in CT and NY. We all reside in Connecticut on the Thames River. Sophie and Stick's hobbies include looking out the windows at boats passing, soaking up as much sun as they can, stalking the evil paper towels in our house, and partcipating in the Basenji-500 (no space too small). :p

  • Welcome! Enjoy!

  • Welcome!!!:)

  • Welcome, Welcome! And thank you for being great people and adopting Basenjis in need!

  • WELCOME!!! The Northeast is taking over LOL 😃 😃

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