• Hello Everyone,
    I'm Pelin and my basenji's name is Dayna. I am happy to find a forum like this to talk about basenjis. Now, I am trying to find a nice picture of Dayna to introduce her to everyone.
    See you around..
    Pelin & Dayna

  • Hi Dayna! Welcome. I am new here also and have not yet done the picture thing! But here is a link πŸ™‚

    This one is my Rottie, Connor, my basenji Sayblee (after her last surgery hence the shirt πŸ™‚ )… and the rescue Maya who is now in her forever home, and then Sayblee and Arwen under the covers.

  • Welcome aboard the board. I am currently owned by a Basenji/Whippet mix. I look forward to chatting with you.

  • Hi Pelin..welcome to forums… hope to see dayna soon... i have a red and white basenji mix ? I think she more senji than mix tho... catch you in forums soon...

  • Hi Pelin, can't wait to hear more about Dayna!

  • Thanks a lot for your warm welcomings. You can see Dayna's picture under "show off your dog" section. I am trying to go everyone's profile and see the pictures of wonderfull basenjis and basenji mixes.

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