• Howdie. Billy K. here. In July '06 my wife and I rescued Jenny from the animal shelter. My guess is she was a run-away since she could climb up to eye level in her fenced shelter space (and loves to run). We did the research and repeatedly weighed the various reasons not to own a basenji and decided that we could handle the "chalenges". Then we almost didn't get her as the shelter has a first come first serve policy for adoption! The day Jenny was available, we were 2nd in line to a woman whose only response to my question "What do you know about this particular breed?" was "I think they come from Egypt and the dog gets along well with my 4 year old." When I pointed out it's exercise needs, she said she "lives on a farm so that shouldn't be a problem." Well, I turned to the shelter director and said "let me know when she returns the dog-I want to be sure we're next in line."
    Long story short - in 5 days she called the shelter to ask if we were still interested in the basenji and returned it siting "doesn't get along with my german shepard" and "that dog must have been given the run of the house where it lived before" as reasons for return.
    She's been with us for better than 7 months, and let me just say she is AWSOME and it only took my wife about 45 - 50 days before she stopped saying to Jenny "I don't really like you all that much" and started whispering "I guess you're okay" and when she thought I wasn't listening "I love you, peanut".
    Jenny shares dog duties with Betty the Sheprador Chowtriever (Lab/shepherd chow mix) and has 3 cats to mess with.
    Here is a photo of Jenny and Betty.


  • Love, love, LOVE your story!!

    I too just rescued a pound basenji. He was a complete crap shoot- nothing at all was known about his previous life. We still don't even know how old he is. And we were second on the list. I got really down thinking there's no way anyone would pass him up. Then we got the call that he was available. And my husband was mostly against the whole idea. He thought getting a pound puppy without a history was just asking for trouble… that we should go with one who has been fostered in BRAT that we know isn't going to be hell to deal with. The first night he got snarky with our resident female B and drew blood. I cried thinking, OMG, what have I just done- I brought this little demon into our home- my husband didn't want it, and now my dog-ter isn't having it either. I really had second thoughts. What saved me was that Miles is a TOTAL daddy's boy. He does ANYTHING my husband wants. And he licks him like crazy. Think I get any kisses??? No!! But it's okay. Makes me sooo happy to see how happy he is. And now my little B and him are inseparable. And my hubby just gobbles him up every time he seems him. Makes me melt. They are so cute. Definitely a good decision. Some things just take time. 🙂

  • What a great story! Especially the 'love you peanut' part! Awesome! Welcome to the forum!

  • hi and welcome. your B is barootiful. your wife sounds like a big sucker like the rest of us…lol. those little wrinkled faces get to you. 🙂

  • What a great forever-home story, BillyK! Welcome to you and yours!

  • Welcome, and what a great story

  • Welcome to you and your pack! I'll be original and say "what a great story!". Oh wait…not so original, I guess. Ah well. Great story!

  • What a sweet story…they are both beautiful. It sounds like you did your homework and your baby found her forever home. Welcome to the forum!

  • Billy I too LOVED LOVED LOVED the story!!! I especially love the part when you just KNEW the woman would come back with the dog. That's great that you all get along so great.

  • Great story Billy! I got my first basenji Pumpkin (named because she was the color of one) from the Humane Society for $3.00. Of course this was long before the whole spay/neuter thing. Best three dollar investment I ever made. You hardly ever saw basenjis back then, and when I found Abbey 2 years ago I was shocked to learn they also came in black and white!

  • Great story – actually all of the stories. Once you fall in love with a basenji, you'll never look back--and if you do, it will only be to recount the horrible beginning but you will do so with such fondness.


  • Got my 1st Basenji a year and a half ago from the pound for $5 (less than lunch that day). Cannot imagine life without her. Funny thing - I don't like dogs 😉

    I love hearing about rescued Basenjis. Thanx for sharing

  • Jenny was intact and we had to have her spayed as part of the adoption, but that matters not to us, it was still well worth the small fee. Luckily we have a vet that does EXCELLENT stitches and there is no discernable scar. 🙂

    We have met 3 other basenjis at the dog park, and from what their owners say, Jenny is pretty tolerant, as she puts up with things that most basenjis would not (humping comes to mind) but she is also quick to let a dog with poor manners know that she will not allow pawing or blatant displays of dominance. The dog park is her favorite place to visit, but she always keeps us in her sight, and I like watching from a distance as she scans the horizon for us because when she finds us she runs to us at full speed. Awesome!

  • Welcome to the forum. Great story too. I especially like the description of your other dog "Betty the Sheprador Chowtriever ." That's Funny! My basenji/whippet mix also came from a local shelter. She wasn't there long enough, or perhaps they didn't know much about bs, but they only had her listed as whippet mix. Didn't take long for a dog savy friend of mine to mention the word "basenji." No doubt in my mind, she is basenji and something. I picked her out and my mother paid for her. Best Christmas present I ever got!

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