Lennys first try at Lure Coursing

  • He loved it! It was just a practice run… one by himself, and then one with his dad to make sure he wouldn't try to interfere with the lure. It was a lot of fun watching him RUN! And now he's sleeping.....



  • Aww thats one tired pup

  • Yup that would be a Basenji after coursing… what fun huh?... I just love watching them course..

  • It was so fun! and he was DYING to get his chance at the Lure. We were standing on the sidelines waiting for his turn and he was dancing all over the place and yelling. He just couldn't wait!

  • Oh, what fun for you guys!

    The one time I tried Magnum at straight-line racing, he wasn't at all interested in the bunny. He was too busy being distracted by the other dogs, the wind, the smells, the tall grass on the side of the run, everything but the bunny. Although the people at the race said he'd eventually get used to all the other sights/sounds/smells and go after the bunny, it's not a hobby I can make time for at this point. Someday… He's pretty happy wandering/racing around his two-acre enclosure here at home.

    Have a great time!

  • That's GREAT!! Looks like he enjoyed it too..hee hee 😃 😃

  • Ah…a well-deserved rest! Keep us posted on how he does!!

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